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Ibiza gourmet food competition

Ibiza gourmet food competition based on 'La Matanza' is both exquisite in taste and value - don't miss it if you're on the island!

Ibiza foodies are rubbing their hands together with glee as for the fifth year running, the annual local gourmet food competition is launched. And the best of it is, quite frankly, that we, the lucky punters, get to be the judges!

Between November 2nd and December 15th, San Antonio hosts this year's competition to find the restaurant that has created the best local gourmet dish, using strictly local produce from that rich, red Ibicenco earth.

Every year has a theme and this year the theme is ‘La Matanza' which means, The Slaughter.

La Matanza is an ancient rural custom, still practiced today, which traditionally brought family and community together at the start of the cold weather to slaughter a specially fattened pig. Everyone was involved in some way with La Matanza and every part of the animal was used to provide nourishment throughout the winter months when fresh produce was scarce. It was a time of celebration and of thanks. And this spirit of celebration is carried through to the present day.

Many local dishes originally arose from the rich spoils of La Matanza and so for you Ibiza loving carnivores, this event is a great chance to sample some of the island's most iconic dishes. Examples to look out for include ‘Sofrit Pages', an Ibicenco dish of gently spiced pork, lamb & chicken. Not forgetting the rich abundance of the Balearic sea, bestowing upon the island the delicious possibility of local delicacies such as ‘Bullit de Peix', a traditional seafood stew served with rice.

(Please note that in the spirit of community and inclusivity, many restaurants also offer vegetarian dishes as well)

You will be invited at each restaurant to sample a selection of gourmet olive oils, made from Ibiza olives and lovingly cold-pressed to produce a vibrantly green, fragrantly delicate olive oil.

There are no less than 23 respected dining establishments participating in the competition and here's how it works. You choose your preferred restaurant, order the ‘menu elaborado' which is a three course meal (starter, main and dessert) for the very special price of just €15.

You are given a voting slip. You fill it in and place in a sealed box in the venue. At the end of the competition, the votes are counted and the competition winning restaurant is declared.

Afterwards, all voting slips are entered into a prize draw and one is chosen at random, with the lucky owner receiving a complimentary dinner for two at the winning establishment. And with a finale like that, what on earth are you waiting for? Go forth, Ibiza lovers and feast!

Quick Facts

What? Annual Ibiza gourmet food competition

Where? Participating restaurants in and around San Antonio (see A - Z list below).
You can find a full details of the menus, opening hours and addresses of participating venues here:

Ample 32

Es Centre / Es Mirai / Es Nautic Restaurant / Es Pí D'Or / Es Puig / Es Rebost de Can Prats / Es Ventall

Hostal La Torre

Kfe San Rafael

La Bodega

Pizzeria Capricci / Pizzeria Galeón

Sa Creu / Sa Plamera / Sa Prensa / Sa Punta des Moli / S'Avaradero

Taberna Cebo / Tast Gallery / Tijuana

Villa Manchego / Villa Mercdes

When? November 2nd until December 15th, 2013

Why? Great chance to sample some iconic island dishes made from fresh, local produce.

Cost? Just €15 for three courses.

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