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Review: Hidden Bar & Restaurant

Fantastic cuisine, possibly the best cocktails on the island and Fatboy Slim's favourite hang-out... Hidden, perhaps one of Ibizas better secrets

Hidden Bar, Ibiza is not so hidden. And it's not just a great Ibiza bar. Located just behind the beach in the absolutely charming cove of Cala San Vicente, north-east of the island, it is also a quality restaurant and a destination in itself. All savvy island residents know about it. It's Fatboy Slim's favourite Ibiza bar whenever he visits the island. Heads up, Ibiza lovers!

Magical Location

The route to Cala San Vicente is in itself a special treat, taking you through some stunning Ibiza scenery. It's about a 40 minute drive north from Ibiza Town, passing through the bohemian village of San Juan, then snaking through a magnificent country lane through the mountains.

Hidden Bar, Cala San Vicente, Ibiza Prawn Panang

Cocktail Heaven

I parked easily in the large car-park provided. World renowned mixologist Chris Edwardes has designed a menu of the finest cocktails. You will not find cocktails anywhere on the island with more breadth of originally and expertise. I say this with the utmost confidence. I chose ‘Passion,' one of the delectable cocktails that Chris created for his beloved wife and business partner, Amanda. So why did they create Hidden Bar?

Great for Kids

Amanda explained. “When our kids were growing up and we were looking for cool places to go and eat, there seemed to always be the same two unsatisfying options: either great for kids but mediocre food, or great food and but not at all kid-friendly.”

“Well we wanted fantastic food with a great environment for the kids too, so we decided to create it ourselves.” And dear readers, that is exactly what they did.

Fun and Funky

This Ibiza bar and restaurant is mainly al fresco, with a private ‘Honeysuckle' dining room catering for up to 20 diners. A profusion of vibrant flowers bestow a wonderful fragrance everywhere whilst a giant chessboard and an eclectically decorated mini-golf course merrily jostle for attention alongside rows of brightly coloured, village fête bunting and funky, recycled furniture.

The bar area and bathrooms are Kitsch with a capital K! 1970's 3D kittens loom over you whilst you sit on the throne, thoughtfully equipped with a Jilly Cooper novel! A grumpy gnome sits on the bar, rudely giving the finger to its fellow drinkers. A fake goat's head glares irreverently at you through the tasselled lampshades and teapot collection, wearing sun-glasses and smoking as you wait for your drink. The tongue, ladies and gentlemen, is very firmly in cheek.

Hidden Bar, Cala San Vicente, Ibiza Gorgeous Food

Delicious Fusion Menu

Their acclaimed and award-winning chef, James Taylor, with his own very successful restaurant back home in Cornwall, is special guest chef at Ibiza Bar, Hidden for this season only. Lucky Ibiza! After travelling around an astounding 50 countries, James has taken the best of world cuisine and created a summer fusion menu especially for Hidden Bar. Kind of like a culinary greatest hits compilation of the world's best street food.

They buy all their produce locally ensuring uber, just-off-the-plant organic freshness and maximum sustainability. Their prices are a steal for an Ibiza bar of this quality and most dishes can be ordered in half-sized, half-priced, tapas style portions. There is a tasting menu (great for sharing), a children's menu and lots of fun stuff for the young ones to do.

Locals Love Hidden

My companion and I, joined by another couple of local, savvy residents, Peachy and Feldon, settled down to sample the cuisine. First up was an appetiser of wonderfully light and fresh spring rolls, served with a sweet chilli sauce. Delicious! Next was an mouthwatering salad of prawn, watermelon, fresh herbs from the garden and a delicately spiced, creamy Thai coconut soup. Both bursting with the most wonderful combination of exotic summer flavours and washed down with more amazing cocktails!

My main course of tequila marinated tacos made with locally caught fish and served with a range of sauces was marvellously tangy with a subtle spicy bite. My companion's Thai curry was very strongly spiced which is perfect if you like it hot hot hot, but of your taste buds are a little more timid like mine, be sure to ask for a mild version.

Hidden Bar, Cala San Vicente, Ibiza with Fatboy Slim

Celebrity Favourite

I could waffle for pages about specific dishes as we tasted many, (all expertly prepared and delicious) but here's a better idea. Go forth immediately and try it for yourself! Take the kids, a smile and leave any airs and graces at door as you enter. No wonder Fatboy Slim loves it! Hidden Ibiza is an absolute gem so see you there? I'll be back often!

Quick Facts

What? Hidden Bar

Where? Just behind the beach at Cala San Vicente

When? All year round

Why? Great prices, quality cuisine, best cocktails anywhere, fantastic for kids.

Average Spend per Head? Between €25-35 per head, including drinks

Top Tip? Instead of driving, get some friends together and get a taxi so you can really enjoy the cocktails. Its €43 from Ibiza Town, that's just over a tenner each, there and back with a full taxi. It's so very worth it.

Room for Improvement? Their dog-friendly policy is not everyone's cup of tea.

For More Information & Reservations

Please see Hidden Bar for more information, website and full conatct details.

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