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Montymar Boat Tours, Ibiza

A day of fun, beauty and adventure on the water with Montymar Boat Tours.

Montymar boat tours offer private trips from Ibiza to Formentera for up to 12 people. It's a full day out taking in the stunning coastline of those legendarily beautiful Balearic Islands. Ibiza Spotlight went to check it out!

Our hosts were Achim and Noreen and we met at 11am at the pick-up point of Sa Punta Restaurant's jetty in Talamanca where there is lots of free parking on the street nearby.

Arriving bang on time, we were welcomed aboard the clean and tidy boat and offered refreshments - yes, all part of the package. Great!

Within minutes we were on our way, whizzing over the sparkling sea, a chilled glass of white wine in my hand and the sea breeze gently tousling my hair. I pulled up my dress as far as decency would allow and stretched out my legs luxuriantly to top up the fading tan.

Whilst Achim expertly skippered the motor boat, Noreen, who evidently has lots of knowledge about Ibiza and Formentera, explained points of local interest and provided some fascinating insights into the islands' history and culture. In perfect English too I might add, although she is equally comfortable speaking fluent German and Spanish!

We passed by ‘Dalt Villa,' the highest point of Ibiza Town where the ancient castle looms down protectively from the top of the hill. We cruised by Playa den Bossa, Es Cavallet and Salinas with their kilometres of oiled, bronzing bodies and distant beach bar parties. All the while Noreen pointing out the site of famous shipwrecks and recounting tales of historical scandals. I have to say this really brought the tour to life. I could easily imagine the Balearic Islands of centuries long passed, home to priests, pirates and princesses and millenniums of dramatic change.

Noreen was also very knowledgeable about the island's flora and fauna, pointing out important breeding grounds for migrating birds and explaining about the delicate ecosystem of the Balearic Islands, home to the world's largest meadows of Posidonia sea-grass. It is this, she explained, that keeps the waters around Ibiza and Formentera so wonderfully crystal clear. On a couple of occasions they have been fortunate enough to see dolphins frolicking in the warm waters between the two islands.

Our first stop was at the tiny, private island of Es Palmador. Sublimely beautiful, the shallow turquoise waters were an absolute delight to swim and snorkel in (equipment provided). My companion's three children frolicked around, enjoying themselves immensely.

Achim cruised slowly through the fleets of super yachts anchored in front of the Formentera beaches and we admired the dramatic, rocky coastline. Its rectangular quarry scars were formed by the ancient Phoenicians over a thousand years ago to be used for the first ever settlements at Sa Caleta and Ibiza Town, explained Noreen.

The boat tour revealed mysterious, hidden caves, no doubt many thousands of years in the making, hiding underneath the stratas of the Formentera bedrock. We saw a profusion of marine life and wild birds (look out for the jellyfish!) and after stopping for a late lunch at El Tiburon and another swim, we waved goodbye to beautiful Formentera and began to head back in the direction of Ibiza.

The overwhelming sensation one has on a tour with Montymar is that of being with people who not only know lots of secret places around the Balearic Islands, but have a deep love and passion for the place. The three children we were with had the time of their lives, whilst the adults had the opportunity to do some pretty exciting stuff, climbing up the rocks to hidden pools, jumping into the sparkling waters from dizzying heights and swimming in underwater tunnels to emerge the other side. Absolutely exhilarating!

At €750, including all equipment, diesel, captain, expert tour guide and refreshments, it's a fantastically affordable day out if a large group gets together. It works out at between €60-70 each for an unforgettable day out. Suitable for the whole family. We loved it! Highly recommended.

To Book

To book a day with Montymar - set cost 750 euros but allowing for up to 10 people - please see Montymar Boat Tours, Ibiza

Quick Facts

What? Montymar Boat Tours

Where? Sa Punta, Talamanca

When? All day, everyday, all summer

Why? Because you want to see more of the Balearic Islands and have an unforgettable day out on your own private boat whilst learning about the history and culture of Ibiza and Formentera.

Cost? 750€ for up to x 10 people, including captain, fuel, tour, snorkel gear and refreshments

Top Tips? Don't forget your swim-wear, a towel and sun-cream!

Room for Improvement? The boat itself could have been a bit more spacious (not much space for sunbathing), but it did not stop us having a fabulous time.

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