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Las Dalias Market, San Carlos

Ibiza Buffs Guide to Las Dalias Market, San Carlos

On the Patron Saint's Day of San Carlos, 4th November 1954, a farmer and carpenter by the name of Joan Mari opened a venue, quite fittingly in the town of San Carlos itself, little knowing that his roadside bar with dancehall in the back, was destined to become one of the great legends of Ibiza and home to the famous Las Dalias Hippy Market.

That night, the opening party of Las Dalias attracted all the locals, with drinks costing 1 or 2 pesetas, and a grand total of 6,600 pesetas (approximately €40.00) being taken at the bar.

Throughout the 50s, the success of Las Dalias soared, it being the prime venue for all the locals' celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms and communions. The story even goes that the Priest of San Carlos started offering movies, in an effort to tempt his parishioners away from the bar and the dancing, and back to the church!

When mass tourism hit Ibiza in the 60s, Joan Mari started to offer food and live Flamenco shows in the garden. His idea of "all the chicken you can eat, and all the sangria/champagne you can drink" for 125 pesetas (0.75€) was a roaring success, and a restaurant was soon added to enable expansion into the food industry.

Las Dalias Market, San Carlos - food and drink

The reputation of Ibiza's Las Dalias spread far and wide, and visitors include Bob Marley, Brian May, Mike Oldfield, Ron Wood, Led Zeppelin and Bob Geldof.

In the 80s, Joan Mari handed over the reins to his son, Juanito, and on Valentines Day 1985, Las Dalias Market opened with just five stalls and a handful of visitors. Today, there are almost 200 stalls and around 20,000 people descend on the market every Saturday during the summer season.

Las Dalias Market, San Carlos - market stalls

The stalls are set out in the shade of the trees, and sell all manner of clothing, jewellery, CDs, bags, ornaments, fabrics and exotic musical instruments to name just a few. There is also live music, mime acts, food and drinks…and even a Moroccan tea tent.

Las Dalias Saturday Market is open all year round from 10.00 to 18.30 hours, and from June to September, there is a night market every Monday from 20.00 to 01.30 hrs.

Las Dalias Market, San Carlos - stallholders happy to help

This is still one of the favourite meeting places for the modern-day "hippies" and a great place to spend a day, enjoying the hustle and bustle of this colourful market during your visit to Ibiza!

Las Dalias Market, San Carlos - for all the family

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