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New Suites at the Hostal Talamanca, Ibiza

Last week we ran an article about small and friendly hotels and hostals

Last week we ran an article about small and friendly hotels and hostals in San Antonio focusing on the good service, friendly staff and amenities they have. Well the Hostal Talamanca right by the beach of the same name certainly fits into that category.

Hostal Talamanca facade by night

Always renowned for its friendly service and clean but basic accommodation its present owners – the S'Olivar family, who also have the famous La Brasa restaurant in Ibiza town – have upped the stakes to give the place a facelift and change of style.

The newest improvement to the Hostal is the introduction of air-conditioned suites which are suitable for 4 people. They comprise a lounge with a sofa bed, a double bedroom and a Godsend, TWO bathrooms - so no queuing in a morning! They're at ground level and have direct access onto the sandy beach via their terraces. How convenient is that? It sure beats packing your bags for a long hot trek to the beach on a boiling August day.

Suite at the hostal talamanca

We're pleased to say that these suites can be booked directly through our secure hotel booking system – just click on the link to our Hotel Page.

The other changes the new owners have made are to more events and modern entertainment to the place. There are regular evening events at The Hostal Talamanca such as Flamenco nights, Tango nights where you can learn the dance and then practice your footwork after dinner. There's a taste of Ibiza too, with fire dancers on the beach at night and stilt-walkers in glamorous costumes for your entertainment.

night time entertainment and fireworks at the hostal talamanca

One of the traditions of the Hostal that hasn't been changed are the twice weekly sardine BBQ's. Skilfully grilled by chef Archi – he's Moroccan so knows a thing or two about barbies – the sardines are so succulent and tasty and make a superb, yet simple dinner. My tip is to accompany them with lashings of ice cold Rueda white wine which is a perfect foil to the strong flavour of the fish.

It's pretty obvious when you look at the dining facilities in place now at the Hostal that its new owners are specialist restaurateurs. Elegantly presented tables, an intimate atmosphere, great food, the starlit sky and special evenings all combine to make a perfect dining experience.

table ready for dinner at the hostal talamanca

If I didn't already live in Ibiza I'd certainly stay at the Hostal Talamanca. The building has a pleasing look, it's in a superb position right on one of Ibiza's best beaches and is just so handy for the bright lights of Ibiza town via the nearby water taxi. Maybe I should go and live somewhere else so I can go there for my holidays?

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