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Merry Christmas from Ibiza

The programme for the festive season in Ibiza town has at last been announced

The programme for the festive season in Ibiza town has at last been announced by the Mayor, Lurdes Costa and the Councillor of Fiestas (what a job!) Sandra Mayans.

They're spending a bit less this year, €300k, but starting earlier. The big kick off when the Christmas lights are switched on takes place on 1st December this year – normally we have to wait until the big public holidays on the 6th and 8th.

The Vara de Rey lights

All the old favourites are back, the Christmas market and art supermarket in the Vara de Rey, the Nativity scene in the Plaza del Parque, and four enormous Christmas trees in the Vara de Rey, Parque de la Paz, Playa den Bossa and the Plaza del Parque.

We've picked out the highlights for you below.
1 Dec 18.00 – The big switch on in the Vara de Rey and Plaza del Parque
5 Dec 10.00 – Christmas market opens, Vara de Rey
16 Dec 19.30 – Christmas concert by the Ibiza Symphony Orchestra, Can Ventosa cultural centre
17, 18, 19 Dec 17.00 – Christmas Carols (Villancicos) sung by local schoolkids, Can Ventosa

Can Ventosa Cultural Centre (Avenida Ignacio Wallis)

21 Dec 21.30 – Concert 'Flamenco Christmas' in Can Ventosa
22 Dec 20.00 – Concert by the City of Ibiza Choir, Can Ventosa
26 Dec 19.00 – One woman comedy show with Paz Padilla, Vara de Rey
27 Dec 18.00 – Folk songs and dance plus a Christmas sauce competition, Vara de Rey
27 Dec 11.00 – Start of kids entertainment, fun and games in the Recinto Ferial until 6 Jan
28 Dec 19.00 – Old folks' party with magician and live orchestra, Vara de Rey
29 Dec 21.00 – Rock concert with 'Rock Garage,' Vara de Rey
31 Dec 16.30 – Annual 2000 metre race to the cathedral
31 Dec 23.30 – New Year party with the Orchestra Tanit, Es Pratet sports centre (Avenida Ignacio Wallis)
5 Jan 18.30 – The arrival and parade of the Three Kings, finishes in the Vara de Rey

In addition to this, there are lots of film shows, plays and theatre and dance for kids throughout the city on an almost daily basis, but you'll need a good understanding of Catalan to get the most out of it.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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