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Ibiza Fashion

"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." — Alexander McQueen

The late great Alexander McQueen’s’ (whom I once had the pleasure of partying with) prophetic words couldn’t be more right for the fashionable Island of Ibiza. From the moment you land on the island your body becomes enraptured by the heady scent of freedom and playfulness - it washes over you and you feel different. Shinier. Sexier.  There really is something magical about Ibiza. An island invaded by many over thousands of years, yet its wild, creative spirit remains unconquerable. 

Attracting a Cosmopolitan crowd from around the world, its beaches, bars, restaurants, streets and super clubs become global catwalks.  Ibiza is the right place to experiment with your look as the island doesn’t judge. High street picks from Topshop, Zara, and ASOS stand as strong and as tall as high end designer wear. So wear your Saint Laurent with your H&M. Your Topshop with your Stella McCartney and your Zara with your Missoni. For a real mash up, Ibiza style, head to the local markets and discover the local designers.

Ibiza attracts a creative group all with their own particular type of "sorcery" with which they use to create beautiful artisan one off pieces that you can take home as memories of your time on this magical isle. A visit to Las Dalias transports you to an exotic Kasbah of delights filled with sparkly, shiny, lovingly hand crafted goods.

Whilst anything goes, Do keep it chic and relaxed though – a suggestion of skin is far sexier than a full on tankini at dinner. I was of course addressing the men. 

Talking of men, gentlemen, we understand shopping is not your favourite sport. You may prefer to be purveyors of the in and out technique when it comes to buying clothes. Fear not. You will always be in good hands with Ibiza Spotlight. Literally. As well as being a fashion writer/blogger, I am also a Personal Stylist.  I have had Access All Areas to a lot of almost naked bodies. I like all bodies and I cannot lie. I like to think I know how to dress you. I also love fashion. But what I really love is how people express themselves with the clothes they wear. Sprinkle a little bit of humour and fashion becomes fun and creative. Where else but in Ibiza where anything goes can I get away with some of my crazy outfits and persuade you to wear yours?


I had my in Love with Ibiza moment whilst in a ‘down ward dog’ overlooking Benirass beach, 8 years ago. Taking in the glorious sunset peeking through from between the legs of the flexible yoga instructor in front of me. I knew I would always return. Several years later, the calling still strong, I packed in my job in Music and swapped it for fashion and Ibiza. 

Leena Bhatti

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