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Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Shopping

Shop til you drop!

So you're on your holiday! You've checked into your lovely villa, apartment or hotel and you want to stock up on supplies. But where do you go to do so? Where's the nearest supermarket? Or your luggage got misplaced and you have a day or two without your toiletries and bikini. What do you do?! Well fret ye not, as we've come up with a fool-proof guide to shopping, so you spend less time searching for a shop that sells flip-flops and more time on the beach…

Find here interesting shops on Ibiza, with fashion, eyewear, local food, souvenirs and many more.

Food shopping

Imagine you need to go grab all the ingredients for a BBQ... Where's the next local shop!? Well luckily, Ibiza now boasts a number of big supermarkets, just like the ones at home, and most of them stay open all day (the siesta system is largely ignored during the season) plus there are a number of them (Spar and Dia) that open on Sundays. The main Spanish supermarket chains are Eroski and Hipercentro, furthermore there are also big stores of Mercadona, Lidl and Aldi on the island. There will always be a big supermarket just out of town, so if you don't have your own transport, it shouldn't cost too much in a taxi. If it's just a few essentials you're after, and not a big shop, then there are many small ‘express' style supermarkets and corner shops around. Just ask the locals!

Top tip

Try the local markets. You'll see fruit and fresh veg stalls around on your adventures. Mediterranean produce is ridiculously tasty and buying from these smaller vendors is much cheaper and fresher. Give them a go! If you really want to act like a local, ask where the local markets are. They are a hive of activity and a great insight into local life.

Alcohol shopping

The Spanish have strict laws on buying alcohol and will not serve it around the clock any more. Our advice would be to stock your fridge if you think you might be thirsty when you come home from a club, as you will struggle to find a shop that will serve you booze in the early hours. This is also true for petrol stations, which don't sell alcohol after midnight (some after 22:00) selling it again in the early hours of the next morning.

Look out for knock-off spirits that may make you feel queasy. If you're an avid wine drinker, there are a number of specialist shops on the island. Vino and Co in San Jordi and Vila Vins in Ibiza Town both have an excellent selection of both local and imported wines and the staff are well-versed when it comes to assisting you in making your choice. Do try the local tipple hierbas which is highly affordable. Just drink it with ice!

Top tip

If you are really stuck, then you will always find beer at the 24 hour petrol station!

Clothes shopping (including shoes)

Ibiza used to be notorious for being expensive for clothes. However, in the past few years, some high street chains like Mango, Zara, Pull & Bear and others have joined the club and made shopping here much more affordable. Ibiza Town has the most varied and highest-density of shops to suit every need, including sunglasses (Dr Mari Sunglasses, Optica La Mar), Havaianas, underwear stores (Calzedonia, Tezenis, Intimissimi), sportswear (la Sirena), shoes (Yonkie Corner, Angel Shoes, Hector), plus a number of high-end independent boutiques (Revolver, Religion, True Style, Mayurka). There's also a huge range of fabulous boutiques which sell local and international designer clothes. You're bound to find something you like!

Top tip

In all resorts you'll find a branch of the la Sirena / Art chain, offering a great selection of clothing, footwear, accessories, gifts, souvenirs, beauty products, toys and beach equipment. Sportswear brands are a speciality and price reductions on certain lines are frequent.

Interior shopping

So you're here for the season, and you need some nice lampshades and bedding to jazz up your apartment. Well, praise be the lord! We have an IKEA. It is situated near the Pacha roundabout in Ibiza Town opposite what we fondly refer to as ‘The Rave Garage' (due to the fact they bosh out techno on the forecourt 24/7). However, be warned. This IKEA is unlike those you may be used to, as they work on a purely order only basis and the showroom is just that - for show alone. Just hop online and order your Expedit shelving and they will either deliver it to your door (at extra cost), or inform you when it arrives so you can collect. If you're looking for something more individual and stylised, then Sluiz on the road to Santa Gertrudis has some fab quirky items. La Maison de L'Elephant, Eric Kuster and Oliver may be more your thing for high-end interior and outdoor furnishings.

Top tip

A good search down at San Jordi's outdoor market on a weekend will often come up trumps for finding excellent and unique pieces of second-hand furniture to brighten up your pad with.

Accessories shopping

Ibiza has a huge number of small trinket stalls which line the streets of Ibiza's Old Town. The silver ware is particularly alluring. There are also some beautiful jewellery shops down the back streets of Ibiza town just off Vara de Rey. However, if you need some more basic accessories, Ibiza Town sports not only an Accessorize, but a Claire's Accessories too! And Mango and Zara are always reliable sources of adornments.

Top tip

All the locals equip themselves religiously with True Rocks Jewellery. Designed by one of the directors of Ibiza Rocks, you'll not only spot Ibiza locals loading themselves with the signature safety pin pendants, but also many famous celebrities.

Health shopping

Unlike in the UK, the only place you can buy medicine is from official pharmacies. Even your basics like anti-histamines and paracetamol. In Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza town and San Antonio, some of the pharmacies are open very late, but some of the smaller ones still close for siesta. If you need a 24-hour pharmacy, go to the nearest pharmacy and look at the rotation schedule with addresses which you will find printed on every door. Many of them are located in Ibiza Town. Click here to see when they are open when.

Top tip

Calle Antoni Palau is pharmacy street in Ibiza's old town and are open till late most days of the week, except Sundays. Do try and bring essential medications with you in the first place to avoid getting caught out.

Children shopping

The big FITA store on the road to Jesús just out of Ibiza Town stocks just about everything from toys, to bicycles, to kitchen ware and jacuzzis! However, more spacious and niche is ‘Eivitoys' on the other side of the road from FITA, which is designed for children on the island. There are many toy shops in all of the Ibiza Towns, but it is worth noting that they all close during siesta (usually 14:00-17:00) apart from FITA. Mama & Bebe and IKEA are also great for cots, highchairs etc…

Top Tip: In the large la Sirena store in Playa d'en Bossa, the one just opposite Bora Bora Apartments, you will find a large toy department.

Market shopping

We love a market in Ibiza! The hippy markets Las Dalias in San Carlos and Punta Arabí in Es Caná are legendary. Here you'll find locally made arts, crafts, trinkets and clothes, plus a huge range of second-hand and vintage goods. But there are also many other markets on Ibiza - artisan markets, markets with ecological products, flea marktes and smaller versions of the large hippie markets in many resorts.

Top tip

With the large hippy markets, get there early or go nearer to the end, to avoid the masses. Most of the markets also have great food stalls which are ace for relaxing once you've completed your haul!

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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