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XII Ibiza Trail Marathon

Light Trial (10 Kms), Medium Trial (21 Kms), Marathon Trial (42 Kms)

Sunday 27 Oct 2019
From: 08:00


Trail running on the inland of the amazing island of Ibiza and its fascinating coast makes the Ibiza Trail Marathon a fantastic test in all respects.

On Sunday 27 October 2019 from 08:00, the already twelfth edition of this Marathon will take place with departure from San Antonio and, despite its toughness, the wonderful natural beauty of the island will accompany the athlete throughout the whole trail.

The challenge options range from a manageable 10 kilometres to a medium-length trail of 21 kilometres to a marathon trail of 42 kilometres, so that all runners have the chance to participate, based on their own capabilities.

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San Antonio, Ibiza