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Female Empowerment Evening

Discover the role of women in art.

Tue 16 Aug, 2022
From: 20:00

Where: Talamanca, Ibiza

Discover the role of women in art and the natural creative power of females led by activist, Klaudia Oliver who uses art, culture, community and unique experiences to create positive change.

The evening ends with a magical live concert by Argentinian Paloma del Cerro – singer, composer and producer - whose music is a hybrid of traditional Latin American folklore and electronic music.

This event is also brought to the hotel by Wumanas, and guests are welcome to enjoy the rooftop’s food and drinks. 

Taking place 16 August.

Session starts at 20:00, and opens to the public 21:30 h. 

Tickets cost 50 € for non-hotel guests and free for hotel guests.


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