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DUO, piano and DJ @Gravity Bar, TRS Ibiza

Gravity's Bar fantastic cocktails taste better with good music and better views.

Thu 11 Aug, 2022
From: 19:30

Where: Gravity, San Antonio, Ibiza

Thursdays at Gravity Bar are run by DUO, a musical duo in which a DJ will launch musical effects accompanying the live piano. You will not find a specific musical style here, but songs of all genres and styles. 

Don't hesitate and go up to this splendid terrace with stunning views to the sea and the sunset, located in the sky lounge of the luxurious TRS Ibiza hotel, while you sip a fantastic cocktail from their elaborated menu

The event takes place from 19:30 to 23:30 h and the access is free.

For more information on Gravity Bar head below.  


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