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III Aquathlon @Santa Eulalia

Athletes will compete to win this multisport race that consists of running and swimming for 6 km.


Sun 14 Aug, 2022
From: 08:30


The III Aquathlon of Ibiza will take place in the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río on Sunday 14 August, 2022.

This federative and popular Aquathlon consists of three segments:

Segment 1: running along the promenade (Paseo de S'Alamera)

Segment 2: swimming from the beach of Santa Eulalia

Segment 3: running back to the promenade.

The main race will start at 08:30 h, while the minor categories will begin at 09:30 h. The distances will be 2500 m. running, 1000 m. swimming and 2500 m. running (6 km in total). There are absolute male and female categories as well as different under-18 categories.

The registration fee is 12 € for federated adults and 17 € for non-federated adults (one-day insurance is included). For minor categories, registration costs 6 €. 

For enrollments and further information about the event visit before 12:00 noon on 12 August.

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