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Ibiza Jobs for the 2014 Season Part 3

There are many jobs available on this island this summer. Check them out in the third part of our Ibiza Workers series.

In the run up to the 2014 summer season in Ibiza, we will scour our sources for jobs and internships available on the island. No matter if you are a seasoned Worker or an inexperienced Ibiza Virgin, we hope you find these articles helpful. Any questions, please ask.

We Love/Carl Cox/FYB

Working for the guys at We Love, Carl Cox and Float Your Boat has to be one of the most sought after jobs on the island. This is the ultimate PR job... spreading the good word about some of the best parties on the island, shouldn't be too difficult really!

We Love runs at Space on Sundays and has a truly eclectic line-up each week, with live music, alternative, classics and more. Carl Cox hosts Space on Tuesday nights and Float Your Boat is the official boat party for both of these, running on Tuesdays and Sundays from Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio.

They are looking for extremely hard working and knowledgeable workers to join their team this year. They need to find out more about you - whether you fit in with the parties musical ethos, have the banter to keep up along with the same vision and passion for music. To apply you must put together a one minute video briefly introducing yourself, your skills and why you would like to work for them. They will also ask you to pitch to them in no more than 20 seconds one of the parties, what it is all about and why someone should attend. "Make it fun, make it fresh and make us pick you."

You have to submit your applications by Monday 19th May, details via the link.

Pukka Up

These guys have been running the biggest boat parties on the island for years now, boasting the best boats - from the VIP catamaran to the straight up rave boats - and the best afterparties, where you can carry on at Together at Amnesia on Tuesdays, Steve Aoki's Playhouse at Pacha Wednesdays and We Are Rockstars at Ibiza Rocks or Insane at Pacha on Fridays. The normal boats are fitted with Funktion One soundsystems and ice cannons too, not bad for a boat party.

The Pukka Up team are currently recruiting for the 2014 season and will need people to fill the positions of PR ticket sellers, promotional team, dancers and on boat photographers. Their recruitment day is on the 31st May at Itaca in San Antonio, these are open interviews so head down for 1pm with a photo and a pen. This is for ticket sellers/PRs. They are also looking for super-glamorous professional dancers for our Pukka Up Girls role, this is the same time/day/venue.

For photographers, you need to email with a link to your portfolio.

Gatecrasher Ibiza

Gatecrasher is the new kid on the block in San Antonio as they have just recently taking over the running of the club, formerly known as Eden. The club will be staying much the same, with some major investment last year and some tidying up and improving of things this year. The main difference will be a proper programme of parties, with London underground massive, Créche, being one of the only parties announced so far, but already boasting a seriously impressive set of line-ups.

They are looking for 'young and dynamic' people to work for them this season, with positions available for PR staff and VIP club hostesses.

To apply, you need to take a recent photo and a CV down to Gatecrasher in San An on Monday 19th May at 1pm.

Ocean Beach Ibiza

Ocean Beach, like Gatecrasher, was a venue designed to revitalise the San An party scene, on account of it being best known a few years ago for 'the West End' and the bounty of small bars and hangovers in the area. Ocean Beach was truly a revelation to the area in brining beautiful decoration and daytime outdoor party vibes to the poolside. The venue has a plethora of respectable events during their weekly programme, including the newly announced Supermartxé on Thursdays, Hed Kandi on Mondays, the pool parties, champagne spray parties and loads more. 2014 will certainly be their biggest and strongest season to date.

They are currently recruiting for their PR team and their dancers/entertainers. The PR team must be young, fun, hardworking and enjoying the gift of the gab. You need to be a talker, basically. Get down to Ocean Beach Ibiza at 1pm on the 15th May with a photo, CV and a smile. DON'T FORGET THE SMILE!

For the dancers, they will be holding a dance casting session at 4pm on the 14th May at Ocean Beach. Previous experience is required, you must be at least 5ft 6inches tall and you are asked to bring some heels and a bikini to the casting along with a CV and recent photo.

Massage Beach

Massage beach is a great company that works on the island offering massages for clients. They are looking for new staff for the coming season, experience would no doubt be desired. A past employee of theirs said "I worked for two seasons on Ibiza with Massage Beach and it's the best job I ever had! Amazing bosses and colleagues, beautiful and fun hotels, good hours, great potential earnings and still time to enjoy life on the island!"

To apply, simply send your CV with a cover letter to

Blowout Ibiza

Blowout Ibiza is the latest pampering and beauty service to come to the island, offering their service wherever they are needed to transform people for their night out. They will have island pop-ups or come to the party, people simply have to go 'pick and mix' style from their menu of on-trend hair and makeups looks and styles.

They are looking for professional hair and makeup artists to join their team for the season, to apply head over the website via the link below and check out the jobs section.

Ushuaïa Castings

You still have a few hours today (Tuesday 6th May) to get down to Ushuaïa and try out to join their team of professional dancers, acrobats and entertainers. Simply turn up and show them what you can do - quick!


This one is for the Spanish speakers only - Matinee, the famous Saturday night at Amnesia that is flamboyant and gay friendly with a massive show, are looking for new staff for the 2014 season. They are looking for people to work in the office, work as promotional PR staff, entertainers, dancers and more. So check out the link below and fill the form out as soon as you can.

Sankeys Castings

Arguably the most underground club on the island and one of the smallest in comparison to the likes of Amnesia and Space. They have a full weekly programme of quality parties from VIVa Warriors with Steve Lawler, Tribal Sessions to Magna Carta - this is a clb you should really want to work for. They have a team that is well respected on the island that can only benefit you in the long term.

They are now currently recruiting for their seasonal staff positions. This can be for the image and parade team, the PR teams for San Antonio and Playa d'en Bossa, and so on. You need to send an up to dat CV and photo to Applications are being accepted until 12th May.

Cafe Mambo and Savannah's

These guys are looking for staff TODAY (6th May)! Get down there ASAP to apply to work at the venues as bar staff, waiting on, PR staff etc.

Ibiza Spotlight Forums

Our very own Spotlight Forums are an invaluable source of information on all things Ibiza, and beyond. Much asked questions such as “how much spends will I need”, “how much are taxis”, “what are the best hotels/beaches/bars/clubs” and so on, will all have answers already. But if there are any questions you need an answer to, the forums are your best chance of having them seen to.

We have a specific Ibiza Worker section, where you can find useful information on what you will need to work (legally) on the island, hints tips and general advice. You will also find that companies and individuals post jobs for the year on these pages, so it is worth checking back regularly.


Get to Ibiza early - positions go fast. We're talking April or latest May.

Apply for your NIE at the main Police Station in Ibiza Town (near McDonalds) as soon as you can.

Bring printed CVs, photos and a copy of your NIE to every interview. Have extra copies ready.

Don't flog your heart out for a ticket selling company on the basis of promises. Be wise in your choice of work otherwise you will spend all day working with barely anything to show for it.

If you choose to come to the island mid or even late season, be aware that many positions come available as people run out of money, become tired of the lifestyle, or simply get lost on their way home from the club.

Sell yourself - they are looking for hard working, happy, creative people to help sell and promote their brand/product. Do well and it could be a foot in the door to a career or life on the island, long term.


There are many illegal ways of working on the island, none of which we recommend of course. We welcome people from all walks of life to our beautiful island, but you must respect the rules, regulations and laws as if it was your own country. The island survives predominantly off tourism revenue for a relatively short period of time during the year. Respect the island, the people and contribute to the growth and future of Ibiza and you will be welcomed back. Disrespect any of this, and we will be waiting at the airport with a stern look of disapproval on our faces and a 'no entry sign'. You don't want us to be disappointed in you now, do you?

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