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Secret Solstice Festival Iceland 20th-22nd June 2014

72 hours of continuous sun. A next level lineup. A beautiful country.

Iceland, home of the cold, an ever-expanding landmass, volcanoes, a capital city which is impossible to spell correctly first time and one of the most unique festivals on the circuit, it seems. Oh, and Björk, how could we forget Björk!?

Secret Solstice Festival takes place across the summer solstice in Laugardalur, Reykjavík, Iceland, from Friday 20th until Sunday 22nd June. A 72 hour period in which the sun never actually sets, with the peak of the summer solstice taking place on the day of the 21st. So, when you plead with life to not let the day and the fun end, your answer will be given in the form of seemingly never-ending daylight.

The festival is run by Fridrik Olafsson and Jack Robinson, with the latter also being involved in the Outlook and Dimensions festivals in Croatia, showing you the mindset of the people behind the crazy adventure of ours.

As we move on to the important topic of lineup, it is important to note there are over 100 artists involved over the course of the weekend, with both international and locally sourced talents being showcased across the various stages.

First up, the headline acts. Bristol (UK) boys Massive Attack and Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine really stand out. Then you move towards more familiar territory with names you wills ee quite often on Ibiza this year - Kerri Chandler, Carl Craig, Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything and Droog. Lesser known names to some perhaps, but much respected artists in their own right - Sometime, Maus, Mammut and Francesca Lombardo. Then we can take it across to the homeland artists, of which there are many. Names such as Quadruplos, Ewok (no relation to Star Wars) and Kanilsnældur for example. These are guys most won't have heard of, but in travelling such a distance to check the country and the festival out, why not see what the local talent is like too?

Really, this is just scratching the surface of what the festival has to offer on a musical level. This is not a straight up house and techno festival, of which there are too many across the world. There's a little bit of everything for you here, and you can't ask for more than that.

You should, as we hope to, use this opportunity to explore what is a mind-blowingly beautiful country with insane scenery in every direction. Arrive a few days before the festival and take a tour around the place, check out the many famous waterfalls, the capital cities beautifully coloured buildings, the volcano's or perhaps the vast wild landscape which supports wildlife on a truly epic scale.

For the love of god though, lets all hope that blasted volcano, Eyjafjallajökull (is that even a real name?), doesn't kick off again. You'll probably remember that was the mountain with a smoking problem which caused all sorts issues with aircraft and travel plans back in 2010. Worst comes to worst, we could always swim.

A previous of what is to come at the festival with the first series of artists announced. You can't say no really.


In celebration of the first Midnight Sun Music Festival, Secret Solstice are inviting aspiring designers from the USA and Europe to create original graphic artwork as inspired by Iceland, music, the midnight sun and the idea of the Summer Solstice. One winner will have the incredible opportunity to attend Secret Solstice and have their design produced and featured across the festival's merchandise and sold throughout the festival. For information visit the Talent House website on


Tickets are priced from 83€ for early-bird, 89€ special offer from the airline partnering the festival, to 191€ for a VIP ticket. Really, for three days, with this lineup, in this location... that is seriously fair price. For more info, visit;


Flights are available from a variety of locations, but there are special deals through Iceland's own budget airline - WOW. Although other airlines are flying too.

WOW Air have put together a special package for the festival too, which cannot be beaten. Details below.

"WOW travel has put together this Secret Solstice Festival Weekend, including return flights from London Gatwick to the Reykjavik Keflavik airport, three nights at the festival's campsite (bring your own tent) and a three day festival pass."

"Our incredible festival partner WOW Air (who we think is more awesome than one of those hairless cats covered in glitter) has an incredible package available to Secret Solstice 2014 if you're planning on coming from the UK."

"For the super-low price of £284 (and no, you don't get a free set of steak knives), you get a return flight to Iceland from London's Gatwick airport, a 3-day pass to Secret Solstice festival in July, AND camping included... Only thing is, you'll have to bring your own tent."

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