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SPTL158: Greg Pidcock

A mix by the multi-talented Greg Pidcock with Ibiza on his mind.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"Some new tunes from my guys at the label, Rob James and Richy Ahmed as well as some new and old ones from my main ecuadorian homey, Andre Salmon and one of my producers of the moment, German Brigante. There's also a cheeky edit of the doors by my friend Ohm Hourani. I never do a tracklist for a mix, with shazam and everything these days I figure if someone really wants a tune, they can have a look for it. It's so easy anyways nowadays I have to leave something to mystery…"

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"This mix was recorded at my apartment with a fresh bunch of tunes and Ibiza on my mind. I did this session on Ableton Live and just jammed until it all came together. Normally I mix on CDJs at a club but at home I love the control you get for a podcast with Ableton, and you don't have to worry about the computer crashing!"

What are the music influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"I guess my music influences are always varied… There has to be some excitement, something intimate, and something a little sexy. If we had just gotten back from Amnesia at 11AM i'd want to put this on while we hang out in the hot tub. The goal for me is always to make a mix that's both mentally and physically stimulating to the listener. I've intentionally stuck in a few quotes and lyrics from very unlikely sources that connect the mix together for me."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment? Update us on the progress of your album and other productions.

"Right now I'm putting the final touches on my Album and I've finished a couple remixes for my friend Curses and Chris Burns on the east coast… those should be seeing vinyl before the summer… Its been a long process to get collaborations with all my friends sorted for the album as everyone is in different places but getting the puzzle pieces together is so rewarding! I just finished a collaboration with Digitaria that I'm really into right now. I'm also involved in a project with one of my best friends in the world and former roommate, Kimberly Kitty. Her and I have a techno band called K&G."

You're involved with the Hot Creations crew - what is that like?

"It's been really amazing. They are an incredible family to be a part of. They have taught me a lot about music and life and shown me some really good times! Being involved with them has allowed me to meet a whole world of people I didn't know before and see a world I had only dreamed about prior. They want the best for my music and I and are very strict with the quality the label puts out. To be involved with them has always been a blessing."

Has it been an advantage having training with digital media on your road to becoming a complete artist?

"Oh yes 100%. I have learnt to do so many things myself without hiring more people to do it for me. Being able to whip up a flyer or logo has allowed me to go much further and accomplish more things. Also when I need a break from making music and I can work on something visual and it always helps me take my mind of things and refocus my creative energy while still getting things done."

Many DJs bemoan all the travelling that comes with the job, but it seems you thrive off it - absorbing culture and musical tastes along the way. Would you say that is true? Why?

"You won't see me complaining about travelling! I absolutely love it. I don't even mind the alone time and airports. I guess growing up an international kid made me get used to it I feel like it's almost the natural way for me. Just this weekend I went directly from club to airport to the club with my suitcase or I'd have missed my gig and it felt amazing. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with this."

Where will we see you in 2014 then? Ibiza and beyond?

"We started the year in Mexico, now I have a couple shows around the USA and Canada and it's looking like the UK in the Spring... Fingers crossed for more time in Ibiza.. where my heart always wants to be! Europe is calling and I can't wait!"

Finally, you have a weekend off. What do you do? Where do you go?

"Anywhere? London to be with my girl! Maybe we'd go to one of those restaurants with tiny portions and dim lighting. We'll be the ones having a laugh in the corner and I'll probably have a slice of pizza afterwards as those places never fill me up, but I love the food all the same. Then we'll probably have quick drink at a pub nearby before bed..."


‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me, and I knew electronic music was something I needed to pursue'

Emerging from a childhood spent on the road, Greg Pidcock's music sheds light on his journey through the unique locations that have shaped him. The raw, gritty tones of this 24-year-old's music depict scenes of isolation, explo- ration, and a search for the self. Deeply connected to his art, the creation process is very much a cathartic one, as he uses music to understand his own thoughts and actions.

A formally trained artist, Greg received his BFA in Intermedia & Cyberarts when he was 20. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to explore both sonic and visual mediums. Introduced to Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, heads of the world famous and respected Hot Creations label in 2012, Pidcock was quickly signed to the label and has spent the last year working on his debut album.

Leading up to this signing was a colorful journey that took Greg from painting graffiti on the streets of Lima, to witnessing the birth of the house scene in Mumbai, before finally leading him to Montreal for his studies. A few months after his arrival he began working at Montreal's legendary Cherry nightclub, eventually taking the role of Creative Director while DJing alongside legends. This lead to the formation of Bad Pony Records with Tone Depth of Bedrock fame- a process which firmly cemented his goals of creating music and art.

Currently the resident DJ at the renowned Velvet Nightclub in Montreal and working with Turkish composer, Mercan Dede, as a sound engineer, Greg Pidcock is about to explode onto the international scene with his blend of passionate, sexy, heavy house. His deep vocals and warm melodies will usher in a new voice in the dance world.

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