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Top 10 Releases: September 2013

Ten of the best sounds out in September.

The Analog Session 'Funfare' / Hot Elephant Music / Released September 2nd

The Analog Session is a music project by Maurizio Dami (goes by Alexander Robotnick) and Lapo Lombardi (goes by Ludus Pinsky). Funfare is released as part of a remix project by the elaborately self-titled artists, in which they breathe some new life into the best of their 100% analogue tracks.

Claude von Stroke 'Dood' / dirtybird / Released as free download September 1st

The bearded and benevolent house hero released this as a free download in the lead up to his latest album release Urban Animal, due on the 24th of September. This is a perfect example of an album full of dirt, bounce, and the ever-present dirtybird sense of humour. Doooooooooood.

Positive Divide feat. Alexander East 'Better Way' / Head Kicks Records / Released September 16th

Chilled out disco house here from a very talented scouser, Steve Lee aka Positive Divide. This comes out on the fledgling label Head Kicks, which only got off the ground in July of this year - strong beginnings! There are plenty of dreamy remixes of this knocking about, but this one has the edge for me.

Bob Moses 'Far From The Tree' EP / Scissor and Thread / Released September 23rd

The New York based duo Bob Moses is well worth keeping a keen eye on based on this EP. Clean and melodic production is given its edge by the intriguing vocal patterns that I can't wait to hear live. You get decent bang for your buck here with five original tracks on the EP, as opposed to your usual 8 million remixes to bulk out the release.

Extrawelt 'Windschatten' / Cocoon Recordings / Released September 9th

Step-touching and fist-pumping in a dark club, while Extrawelt blasts out of something 'state of the art'. It's the only way to picture this dark and energetic release, which came out on the extremely strong Cocoon 100 album, a collection of great tracks that will give you itchy feet to get back to Monday nights at Amnesia.

Anna Lunoe 'Breathe' / Fool's Gold - Ultra Music / Released September 6th

Though new to the international scene, Anna Lunoe has been making and breaking new music in Australia since forever. In a perfectly timed move to LA, she has suddenly charged onto the Northern Hemisphere circuit and things seem to be taking off. Not suprising - this original production featuring her own vocals is at the palatable and poppy end of dance, and next level catchy. I've been singing the same two words for two weeks; it's costing friends.

Yousef and The Angel 'Float Away' / Warner Music - FFRR / Released September 16th

The perfectly named Float Away will let you do just that - shimmery swirling synths circle around a sultry vocal from The Angel and send your mind drifting. It's a spot on release from Circus head honcho Yousef, whose productions always conjure up a strong mood and atmosphere.

Nathan Barato 'Under Dirt' / Saved Records / Released September 16th

The third track on Canadian born Barato's latest Black Beach EP, Under Dirt is the ultimate dance floor pick me up. Constant upward jerks from energetic hi-hats and choppy, clear vocal samples make a track with a relatively thin texure pack a lot of punch.

Thomas Langner and Lucjan 'Little Things' / Audio Tonic / Released September 30th

Here's a release on a Dubai label, from a polish artist, which sounds like it belongs in the soundtrack to a classic America 80s film. Isn't globalisation great? This collaboration with Lucjan is full of warmth and pangs of nostalgia, and probably fits best at pool parties and road trips on sunny days.

Four Tet 'Parallel Jalebi' / TEXT / Released "soon", streaming now

A tightly wound tapping synth with no release keeps one slightly agitated when listening to this latest Four Tet offering, but the musical ride is smoothed by such beatuful vocals and a comfortably slow kick. No, it's not officially released, but Spotlight readers deserve a heads up when gorgeous music like this surfaces on the internet.

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