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Groove Armada's Tom Findlay Q&A

We catch up with Groove Armada's Tom Findlay to find out about the duo's summer plans and his Late Night Tales compilation...

By Spotlight

Together Andy Cato and Tom Findlay form the infamous electronic duo Groove Armada, having been a regular fixture in the global music scene for over 16 years they are of course back on the island with dates at We Love and Pure Pacha All Gone Pete Tong.

With the 10th anniversary of their Lovebox Festival approaching and the recent release of Tom Findlay's Late Night Tales compilation 'Music for pleasure' we have a quick catch up with Tom himself to find out about their future plans and what we can expect form his latest release. 

You have just released your 'Music for pleasure' compilation on Late night tales, how did this idea come about?

I love blue eyed soul, so it was a chance to do a labour of love thing.

Why did you decide to re-edit and mix the tracks as you did? Where did the inspiration come from?

Honestly, it was the kind of "so wrong it's right" music I used to bore people silly with on the tour bus after shows and now I've just made it public.

How did you choose the 18 tracks which feature on the album?

I chose them by listening to absolutely everything in the blue eyed soul cannon. There's some tracks that got knocked back from artists like Stevie Nicks, Bowie and Fleetwood Mac who are just too enormous and famous, but I'm really happy with what I've got.

What is your personal favourite track?

'What you wont do for Love' by Bobby Caldwell.

You obviously have a passion for pop music of the 70's and 80's , what is it about this era that captivates you most?

It's the sort of music that wants me to do double handed high 5's with strangers, and I think we all need a bit of that in our lives.

You are a regular fixture at We Love gigs in Ibiza and will be back for 3 dates this summer, what is it about this party that suits you guys so well?

I love the terrace, we have a great relationship with the crew that run We Love and it's a really amazing, really classy crowd.

You are also booked to perform at Creamfields and Isle of White festival this year, how does performing to a festival crowd compare to somewhere like the Terraza at Space?

Well you need to ramp it up a bit, and really take it to the audience a bit more without going mental and playing loads of crap, which is a great challenge.

At these live gigs you use your custom built booth, tell us a little bit about this and how it adds to the performance?

It's our own little invention; from it we control the music, the lights, the visuals and the lasers. So, we can stitch this pretty dynamic performance together but keep it all very live.

You are also due to celebrate the 10th birthday of your Lovebox festival, why do you think it is such a popular event and why do you think Groove Armada appeals to both a mainstream and underground audience?

I think it's because we're genuinely passionate about we do. We love new music, and experimentation but we've never been snobs... as this latest Late Night Tales I did shows!

Will we be seeing any new material from you guys this year?

Yes yes, there are some new EP's coming soon on Hypercolour.


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