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Top 5: Biggest Nights in Ibiza 2009

Quite simply the nights that have been attracting the most people each week during the 2009 Ibiza season.

By Spotlight

5. La Troya

Back 'home' La Troya now has 5000 odd people for its Wednesday spectacular, most of whom cram their way onto the Terrace for Brasilio's extravaganza of excess and outrageous behaviour. Without doubt it is now back to the La Troya of old that we all knew and loved so much.

4. Supermartxé

The big surprise this year isn't that Supermartxé fill up Privilege every week, it's that now pretty much everyone pays too!! Some of the over the top sleaze and taboo from 2008 has been toned down, but the Bride of Wildenstein parade girls are still out in force, as are those unbelievably popular vocal/electro noise tracks (more of that next). Worth a look for sure.

Supermartxé at Privilege (and yes! that does say "Pound Me Hard")

3. Cocoon

After a slowish start by their own standards, the Cocoon express has powered into action through July, including a monster 6500 party for Luciano and Loco Dice grooving house session on the Terrace. It was unbearable at times, but that's the price you pay for the best.

               Cocoon at Amnesia (Photo copyright -

2. Tiesto

Regardless of the differing crowd it attracts, being up against Cocoon is no easy task for Tiesto but the event is growing into a beast of a party. Not a show per se, but a 6 hour marathon by the Dutchman who holds fort single-handedly every week to upwards of 7000 people. Check out the Opening Party Review

Tiesto at Privilege

1. Matinée

Despite being absolutely nothing like it used to be during its after-hours heydey at Space, the switch to Amnesia for 2009 has catapulted them into Ibiza mega-brand territory. It also seemingly has a magnetic effect for Spanish people, despite how awful the music is at times; trashy style 10/10, whoop whoop atmosphere 10/10, music policy 2/10 (leave the electro vocals behind please...). Talk of over 5000 guestlist names, a new and improved show and some 8000 people means Matinée is big, big, BIG!




Matinée Opening Party Sat 11 Jun | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 18 Jun | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 25 Jun | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 02 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 09 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 16 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 23 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 30 Jul | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 06 Aug | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 13 Aug | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 20 Aug | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 27 Aug | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 03 Sep | 23:59
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Matinée Sat 10 Sep | 23:59
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