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Space Closing Fiesta - Space, Ibiza 2015

Space augments itself for a final hurrah, with a line up most festivals would be proud of.

Venue: Space

The Space Closing Fiesta: Six different areas, a DJ line-up most festivals would be proud of and the unique buzz of attending the very last Space party of the Ibiza summer make this a not-to-be-missed event.

The lineups are more than impressive every year, with regular Space residents and guest slots that make this one party to be enjoyed from start to finish. With the closing party date confirmed as Sunday 4th October 2015, you've still time to get your holidays booked and your (small) cases packed!

All online ticket holders also have the advantage to enter the club at the special internet entrance - at the Space Closing there will be queues at every entrance, but the one at the internet one is considerably shorter.

The party usually starts at 4:30pm and we highly recommend getting there while the sun is still up so you can experience the outdoor Flight Area in all its sunny, dusky and midnight glory. 


Space Closing Fiesta
Sun 04 Oct 12:00
exact opening hours TBC

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