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The last track I'd play at Space

30 DJs tell us how they'd sign off from Space duty

They're funny things, goodbyes. That inescapable sense of sadness mashed together with restless anticipation. That taste of bittersweetness that comes from the thrill of the ride, while knowing that some day, it would all inevitably have to end.

On Sunday 2 October, clubbers from around the globe will unite at Space, where one such farewell will play out, and for the last time, we'll pay tribute to a club that's given us 27 years' worth of unmatchable musical memories, before it finally closes its doors forever.

So, when the moment comes - the one that signals the end - what tune will definitively draw a line under this chapter of clubbing history? What track will capture a thousand emotions in its zig-zagging zenith? What melody will do justice to a place that's been the backbone of Ibiza clubbing for over two decades?

Those are the questions on the lips of every islander before the big finale this Sunday, so we spoke to 30 DJs to discover what track they'd pick as the full stop on the Space story. What a page-turner it's been.

KÖLSCH / The Beach Boys / 'Good Vibrations'

"The first time I went to the Space Terrace was in 1999. I remember walking in to the place on Sunday afternoon and it was just magical - the perfect blend of the best people and music in the world. I went every year from then on, but I remember the first visit I promised myself that if I ever got the chance to play, I would finish my set with 'Good Vibrations' by The Beach Boys - something about that track just felt so right for the place. Flash forward to 2012 and I finally got to play the last set of the night. After a good four hours of romantic techno, I decided it was time. It was such a great moment. 7 AM and everyone was singing along - life was better for three minutes. So the last track I'd play at Space, would have to be a The Beach Boys song."

CLAPTONE / Scissor Sisters / ‘Take Me Out'

"When the Lights go on at Space and you leave for good there's just one song I can imagine playing. It's neither 'Jaguar' by DJ Rolando, nor is it 'One More Time' by Daft Punk. You don't think a simple 4/4 is appropriate to close a legendary Club like Space do you? What about R.E.M, 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It'? But why so negative? We should just enjoy the moments that we are given - the good things in life like a night out at Space - because in the blink of an eye everything can change. So don't be afraid, don't overthink it. This may be the message of Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out'. But who knows? Maybe there is no message. My theory is that 'Take Me Out' in the version performed by the Scissor Sisters creates something like a sonic capsule in time and space. By musically and lyrically oscillating between fun and sadness, true emotions and pathos, wanting, yearning and giving up, success and failure, time gets slowed down so it almost comes to a complete stop. You get frozen in time dancing and waiting for that special someone who takes you out, knowing that this special someone won't be coming, but you never lose hope. And wouldn't that be a great way to end Space without ending Space ever?"

JON RUNDELL / Joe Smooth / ‘Promised Land'

“I'm picking Joe Smooth, 'Promised Land', because it's one of my favourite house tracks of all time, and because of the lyrics. Space, for me, has been like finding that place to be like that in.”

DOORLY / Ministers De La Funk Feat. Jocelyn Brown / 'Believe'

"Assuming I was playing the final set and closing the room, I'd probably stop the music and drop Ministers De La Funk Feat. Jocelyn Brown, 'Believe'. I've had some ridiculous nights in Space, and lots were due to Erick Morillo dropping tunes like this so I think that would be a nice way to finish for me. Plus I just love that intro!"

HECTOR COUTO / Alan Braxe & Fred Falke / ‘Intro (2000)'

"This track is a great fun - the perfect sound to culminate a perfect party night!"

STEVE LAWLER / DJ Rolando / ‘Knights Of The Jaguar'

"I am synonymous with this track. Almost everybody knows that throughout my whole decade-long residency at Space, I always played this track. It became one of the big tracks at Space and a huge, huge record globally around the world - not because of me, but it kind of became one of the tracks you would associate with Space because of me. I would play it almost every week, every summer, even years on when the record was really old - it was just something that you would get from me."

CASSY / Talk Talk / 'It's My Life'

"I guess this track is self explanatory. Talk Talk and this track for me stand for balls and love of freedom and who we are, and being unphased by what goes on around us. It stands for not succumbing to any outer pressure and standing true to oneself. The lyrics and the music are absolutely hopeful and strong and positive, and stands for the love of being and love for life.”

DARIUS SYROSSIAN / Todd Terje / ‘Inspector Norse'

"I think it would have to be Todd Terje, 'Inspector Norse'. It's such a feel-good track and people need to have that as a memory to take away with them on such a special night."

LAUREN LANE / Val Young / ‘If You Should Ever Be Lonely'

"The final track I would play at Space would be Val Young, ‘If You Should Ever Be Lonely'. It's a funk song that came out in 1986 but it's a really feel-good tune that would end things on a high note but also has sentimental lyrics. The main hook says, "If you should ever be lonely, think of the times, think of the moments we shared." I think that says it all."

CRISTOPH / Lovebirds / ‘I Want You In My Soul'

"This is such difficult question and I wouldn't like to be the one faced with the actual choice. There are literally so many you could choose from. I toyed with the idea of a real classic such as Last Rhythm, ‘Last Rhythm', Soul Central, ‘Strings Of Life', Inner City, ‘Pennies From Heaven' - the list is endless. Then I remembered the lyrics from Lovebirds and how fitting they all were. From "Give me something I can feel it in my soul. When it comes to loving you, I lose my self control" to "Gotta understand how things could be this way. You make a difference in a different way.” Pretty much the whole record can be linked to this historic and hugely emotional occasion and that's what swayed the decision for me."

CATZ 'N DOGZ / Byron Stingily / ‘Get Up Everybody'

"We used to listen to this track a lot when we were younger and it reminds us of a seriously great part of our lives. We played it on the Terrace during Carl Cox's party - probably our favourite party on the island. People just come and dance from the first second they enter the dance floor. Another thing is that this year Strictly Rhythm (hard to believe) has already its 25th anniversary.”

DENNEY / Womack & Womack / ‘Teardrops'

"Sadly I will never have played Space - for one reason or another it just never happened, which I am actually really sad about because it really is a legendary institution. I've had some amazing nights in there as a punter on the dance floor though, and if I was to play the last track it would have to be this. I think it would capture the moment perfectly."

PIRUPA / DJ Rolando / ‘Jaguar'

"The first time I went to Ibiza was in 2004 and Space was the first club I visited on that holiday. Carl Cox was playing an amazing techno set and I never forget the moment when he dropped ‘Jaguar'. Since then, I've been to Ibiza every summer, and Carl never stopped playing this tune and it became a big anthem for Space Ibiza! This is my choice because it reminds me of all my trips to Ibiza - my endless days and nights spent inside that magic club."

UNER / Energy 52 / ‘Café Del Mar'

"It's almost impossible to choose just one track after 27 years of Space. I was talking with one of my best friends about it a couple of days ago and for me it would probably be Energy 52, ‘Café Del Mar”. This track always reminds me of Ibiza, no matter where I am. There will be a special track for everyone, and I think even without music the moment will be magical."

CARLO LIO / Joe Smooth / ‘Promised Land'

"I'd probably have to pick one of my classic house faves, Joe Smooth, ‘Promised Land'. I love the lyrics and all this track stands for - UNITY. Because this is what Space has given us."

MARCO BAILEY / Aphex Twin / ‘X Tal'

"Oh my god! I honestly don't think I know. There are so many tracks that come to mind from all different genres that would work so well for the closing track - from techno and house to disco and even a little rock at times! It would all depend on the vibe and how you are feeling, but I would have to say Aphex Twin, ‘X Tal'. I love it, and it just feels right / fitting to me."

EDU IMBERNON / Pachanga Boys / ‘Time'

"I would play Pachanga Boys, ‘Time'. Such an emotional song for such an emotional moment!"

ANJA SCHNEIDER / Blake Baxter / ‘One More Time'

"It's a very emotional track making it perfect for a closing. As an old-time Berlin raver, I saw so many clubs closed down like Planet, Tresor and E-Werk and this song was always a companion. But rather than being about a sad ending, it was symbolic of us moving on and our culture moving forward. That's my thoughts and wishes for all the team associated with Space - I hope we find a place to continue in our spiritual way."

DANNY DAZE / Three Drives On A Vinyl / ‘Greece 2000 (DJ Enrico & DJ Ton T.B. Extra Space Dub)'

"I'd choose this remix of a classic trance record because this track is responsible for a change in me - where I went from only playing broken beat/electro to liking 4/4 on the floor music. It's extremely emotional and its soft bassline in the breakdown has been stuck in my head since 1999.”

CARL CRAIG / First Choice / ‘Let No Man Put Asunder'

"I would play something that Pepe would cry to. I always loved ‘Fly Like An Eagle' - the way it ends! But what would I play? ‘Let No Man Put Asunder' because at the end, it says, 'It's not over, it's not over, it's not over…' Yeah that would be the last song - that would be incredible."

MR. DORIS / Young MC / ‘Know How'

"I'm not a DJ known for playing house music all that much so I couldn't really end my 11-year tenure at the club with a house or techno record, could I? I think this track is quite apt as it was released the same year that Space opened its doors in 1989. It's also a surefire crowd pleaser that I've rinsed within these walls many times over the years."

JASON BYE / Grant Phabao / ‘Tub'

"My last track at space would be Grant Phabao, ‘Tub', just because of the pure energy of the track - I've never seen a reaction like it at Space - quite incredible. And on a personal tip I would have to say Simple Minds, 'Someone, Somewhere In Summertime.'"

MARCO FARAONE / Laurent Garnier / ‘The Man With The Red Face'

"This is one of my favourite tracks ever; one of the tracks that made me love techno and do what I'm doing today. Laurent for me is a real legend and one of my favourite DJs. This is the perfect track to play since he played there so many times - I can't forget that moment when I saw him on the terrace! I was playing on the same stage and I still remember that moment and the emotions I felt when I played this track. The reaction of the crowd was unbelievable, I can't describe it."

STEFANO NOFERINI / David Bowie / ‘Space Oddity'

"The perfect last track for Space Ibiza could be ‘Space Oddity', by David Bowie. I love Bowie - I love his capacity to experiment in every single song of his career, and this one would be good to celebrate a club where music was so central for so many, many years."

NICK WARREN / Sueno Latino / ‘Sueno Latino (Paradise Mix)'

"A record that was made the year Space opened in 1989. The first time I went to Space in 1991 I heard it played on the terrace - it's a Balearic beat track that sums up the multicultural vibe in Space and a perfect one to bid farewell to the club."

SANTÉ / Phuture / Rise From Your Grave (Wake Da F Up Mix 1992)

"The first time I went to Ibiza, l heard this track playing on the terrace in the morning hours, and this is what I'd play if I got the chance to play at the very last Space closing. Priceless memories!"

SIDNEY CHARLES / NoiDoi / Deeper Underground

"This tune is one of my all time favourites to close my set with - not only because I love the postive vibe of the Jamiroquai vocal, but also because this track is characteristic of my sound and my person, and it's why I fell in love with house music."

AMINE EDGE & DANCE / Frankie Knuckles / 'Your Love'

"Frankie was one of the most important people in the music industry and we lost him. Similarly, we are losing Space… a major club with respect worldwide. We are pretty sure that this would be a special track for this special moment."

ANDREA OLIVA / DJ Rolando / 'Knights of the Jaguar (Underground Resistance)'

"Such a legendary tune - what better track to play as the last track in such a legendary club?"

MAMBO BROTHERS / Robin S / 'Show Me Love'

"It's been a part of Ibiza music culture since 1994. A very happy vocal track that everyone knows and can rave together to!"

PAUL REYNOLDS / Candi Staton / ‘You Got The Love'

"Funnily enough, I am playing the last ever set on the Sunset Terrace from 4 till close, so this is something that has been spinning round in my head for a good while now! I finally made my choice at an after part the other night with my wife. I wanted a track that was epic and a journey that has everyone singing, and also reflects the fun that has been had on the Sunset Terrace over the years, so I think Candi Staton, ‘You've Got the Love' really fits the bill and will send us out on a high."

WORDS | Abby Lowe

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