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Review: Space closing 2016: what you said

The very last Space closing fiesta, from the view of our forum members

Gutted. That best sums up how we all feel now that Space has closed. We'll be publishing a full review with pics very soon (once recovered!). Until then members of our forums have summed it up as well as we ever could. These are some of our favourite quotes:


Well that was the best night/morning of my life!
Dancing on the Sunset Terrace to love is all around while we all sung along really felt like Reynolds took us on a journey with him. Very special moments, best crowd atmosphere I've ever seen at space ever to, lots of older folk there to say goodbye, saw a German guy crying this morning just dancing away emotionally, bless him.


Amazing!!!! Every room was amazing music.


Managed to last til the very end, my feet are still numb this morning!! Was truly an amazing night - don't think I have heard such good music for so long, ever! Every room you went in was absolutely going off. The DJs seemed to be loving it too, Zabiela was playing with a massive grin on his face the entire set. Morillo was simply in his element. Peasey & Blocko looked thrilled to be back. Seeing Coxy, Fanciulli and Pepe send us off with Angie Stone was emotional. Feel privileged to have that on my clubbing CV.

Finn McConway:

What a night!! Fitting send off, absolutely tremendous, not a bad set all night, great atmosphere and so many special songs from over the years.

Kent Kid:

Some amazing sets all round, pleasure to see Blocko & Peezy and resident Jason Bye smash up the Sunset Terrace one more time

Erick Sasha, Doorly, Clara so many music journeys... Epic


What a closing... Couldn't stay until the end as my legs were dead... The vibe on the Sunset Terrace was just amazing... The Space how I wanted to remember it...


Walking through PDB now. I want to cry (Spotlight: we know how you feel, Ferd!)


Wow what an amazing night that was! Left at 8:30 and am gutted to didn't make the end but everything was just unbelievable! Got back to hotel and watched it live until 11 then needed sleep! The queue was horrendous but was so f***ing worth it once inside!


Incredible night. Somehow managed to stay until the final curtain, after the craziness of the queue and waiting almost 3 hours to get in (missing Lawler in the process!). Managed to catch some of Cox outside, as well as Morales on the terrace which was special. Caught some of Blocko and P too, top set. Spent a lot of the night in El Salon listening to Igor Marijuan, great vibes in there, felt like an old Ibiza party. Couldn't have asked for more in the last hour from Cox and Fanciulli, so many classics and a perfect finish.

Also, spotted some guy on the Sunset Terrace at about 11pm looking very worse for wear with no shoes on, then spotted him again right at the end, he had inexplicably been able to last the whole night and had managed to acquire some oversized flip flops from somewhere!

And of course, massive thanks to for broadcasting the whole event live. So those who couldn't fly over were able to follow the whole proceedings. We love this comment by Drew - shame you couldn't make it!

It almost destroyed me watching last night (and this morning at work!) not being there. I've been to Space about 25 times since the late 90s and can't believe I missed this. Actually I wouldn't say 'missed' as such - we'd had it planned for months but steadily people dropped out and in the end it just came up on us too fast to book things.

Watching it took my thoughts back to when the club was much more basic (without the roof of course) and some very, very happy memories.

I hope everyone had an amazing time and can console myself in that I was there in spirit.

and this by Leigh88:

Gutted i never made it last night, i have picked an almighty year to not be visiting Ibiza thats for sure. Exactly 365 days ago i was over there.... That is exactly the kind of luck i have lol. I am jealous of all who went lol huge respect for anyone that went last night/this morning. I bet the hangovers were non existent due to the memories and the feeling you had today. Bet it was epic! (Spotlight: it most certainly was!)

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