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Amnesia Opening Party - Amnesia 2017

Amnesia slams into action at the of May 2017

Amnesia Ibiza explodes into 2017 with its opening party on Saturday 27 May. This first dance of the season isn't for the faint hearted because it's a party renowned for its longevity - one that requires mental and physical preparation in order to see it through to the end.

As a reward for your stamina, you can expect some of the best music your ears will ever hear, and as a consequence, longstanding memories for your rave bank. Last year's host of raring-to-go talent included Ricardo Villalobos, Pan-Pot, Apollonia, Amine Edge & Dance, Claptone, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Hannah Wants and Ilario Alicante, among many more.

Consider it an essential date in the clubbing calendar for all Ibiza freaks!

Venue: Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza

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Amnesia Opening Party Sat 27 May | 23:59
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