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Gala Night

The Zoo that never was.......!!!!

Gala Night

Home to the Zoo Project parties, one of the most unique venues on the island and if fancy dress and quality electronic music is your bag, then you'll enjoy this.

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Zoo Project parties cost in the region of 20-40€.

Gala Night tickets

The Zoo Project
The Zoo Project
Gala Night
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... 'cause some of us really do belong in a Zoo.

Not long now until the Zoo Project kick things off again up at Gala Night...

Wanna be part of the Zoo Family? Go for it!

The Zoo Project have launched plans for their first festival in the UK...

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The Zoo Project artist brings you a slice of deep goodness this week.

The Zoo Project opened its doors for the summer with an extravagant animal carnival at Gala Night.

Gala Night's sole party team, The Zoo Project, return in 2011 for their weekly agenda of electr