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DC10, Ibiza

Ibiza's most notorious clubbing venue.

Now famous for being famous, as much as anything else, DC-10 has reached its elevated position thanks to offering a unique experience in Ibiza's clubbing environment. When it first opened in 1999, and still typically now, it was a no-holds barred, hedonistic, dance yer socks off fiesta that was totally off the radar.

In contrast to the rest of the clubs, it still does little or no publicity for its parties, meaning those who go are in the know and there for one reason: the music. DC-10's longevity and success is ultimately thanks to its devotion to providing solid, quality underground electronic music. And you haven't had a true Ibiza experience until you've danced away the afternoon in the venue's famous garden.

Famous for: Being the island's only true underground club, legendary opening and closing parties, launching the careers of some of the island's biggest DJs, general silly fun and games, being located at the end of a runway

Popular Parties: Circoloco, Paradise

How to get there: About €10 in a taxi from Ibiza Town or Playa D'en Bossa, €30 from San Antonio. The bus to Salinas beach stops just past the club. It is also possible to walk from San Jordi (about 15-20 minutes).

Prices: DC-10 is cheap (relatively speaking). Expect to pay no more than €40 for Circoloco. Entry on other days costs between about €20 or less. A beer or water will cost you €5-7 and a mixer no more than €10.

Where to stay: Hotels in Playa den Bossa

DC10 parties

10 Years Diynamic
10 Years Diynamic
Fri 19 Aug

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