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Noah's Summer School for Children

With July and August being such busy times for working parents on the island and school closed for the Summer, Noah's Summer School offers an entertaining solution to occupy the children.

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Across July and August here on the island there is often a matter for serious consideration for Ibiza families. July and August are incredibly busy months for working parents and yet the schools close for the summer holidays, leaving the children at a loose end. So it was that I started to hear about "Noah's Summer School".

The first story I heard was about Noah's Summer School taking the children (Spanish, English and German speaking) out on a horse-riding trek. Apparently the children had their faces painted and the like but then decided that they looked so cool they would paint the horses faces too. Fabulous!

Noah's Summer School for Children Childrens Entertainment

A little further investigation and I found out that children got involved in everything from handicrafts to theatre, dance, games and of course painting and drawing. In fact the list is such that I probably haven't done them justice at all.

Talking to Heike Merz, one of the teachers at the Summer School, she stressed that it wasn't just for Ibiza families but indeed for any family that was staying on the island - their children were welcome to come and join in, with 'classes' running Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm.

Noah's Summer School for Children Childrens Entertainment

Just a few short weeks later and it seems the children had completed their next great project; building and decorating their own raft, which they were going to launch from Benirras Beach. This seemed like too much fun to miss so grabbing my camera I popped down to witness the mischief.

When I left some 45 minutes after the raft had been launched, it was still safely afloat and the children having great fun diving into the water and climbing back aboard, only to of course leap off again.

Noah's Summer School for Children Childrens Entertainment

The summer school accepts children from ages 5 to 12 years but in all honesty, if you've one child of 6 years and another of 4 years, give Heike a call. The price is 130 euros per child, per week and includes all materials.

The summer school is into its sixth successful year and I hope will be there for the children for many more years to come! If you would like to know more about Noah's Summer School, please contact directly: Heike 0034 670723266

Noah's Summer School for Children Childrens Entertainment

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