Ibiza Spotlight - Our eco-journey so far

Being eco-aware and taking action is a journey, one which we at Ibiza Spotlight have been undertaking internally as well as developing a dedicated programme that supports local businesses.

Like most businesses and individuals, we have for a while been making sure we minimise and recylce our waste and reduce our power consumption where possible.

Over the last year, we have been assessing what we do as a company to go greener and only make green choices moving forward.

Down with plastics

This year, we have been focused on reducing plastic use. Plastic presents a huge problem for our oceans and Ibiza is no exception. We now only buy water in large refillable containers, have retired our coffee capsule machine in favour of a manual Aeropress machine and buy biodegradable washing liquid in refilled bottles. It is a work in progress.

We have for a long time offered all employees the ability to work from home and avoid making unnecessary journeys to the office. This year we purchased a new company car, a hybrid Toyota, which can be used by all employees when travelling on company business. Also, we introduced low-consumption heating panels to the office last year to further reduce energy use.

Shining a light

One of our most important commitments is in supporting and promoting the actions of individual businesses and organisations on Ibiza that are either already eco-friendly or are on the journey and want to do more. Our new eco-label is designed to do just that - whilst it is not a certification, we do request and require that all recipients demonstrate that they are undertaking pro-environmental measures in key areas, as well as commit to doing more in the future.

This type of work needs to be communicated. As the largest website on Ibiza, we believe we are duty-bound to support the positive environmental actions of the people here. We are doing this via our platforms, including our guides, magazine, events calendar and newsletter - we hope the combination of our voice and reach can help effect change by inspiring others.

We will continue to keep this page updated and keep you posted on our own eco-journey. If you know of any great green initiatives happening on Ibiza, we would love to hear from you.


Here is our list of the eco-friendly businesses on Ibiza that have already taken action and confirmed their commitment. We are contacting all of our collaborators and inviting them to take part in this movement. We hope to be adding many more to this list in the future.

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