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Amnesia Closing Party 2011 - El Cierre

Video for the 2011 Amnesia closing party. Takes in the Matinee Closing before moving on to the daytime session with Hawtin, Carola and Dice.

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Amnesia Closing Party

Sat 23 Oct
Terraza (6pm - midnight) | Amnesia Classics
Jeremy Healy
Alex P & Brandon Block
Jason Bye
3rd Dimension (6pm - midnight)
Jayda G
Young Marco
John Woods
Terraza (midnight - midday)
Jamie Jones
The Blessed Madonna
Richy Ahmed
Mar-T & Caal
Sidney Charles & Seb Zito
Luca Donzelli
Club (midnight - late)
Adam Beyer
Deborah De Luca
Marco Faraone
Andrés Campo
Les Schmitz

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