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The Juice with... Fred P

Representing the U.S. deep house scene.

We squeeze the facts out of U.S. deep house hero Fred P, AKA Black Jazz Consortium and Soul People Music boss, in the wake of Chapter One from his trilogy-style LP. Here's how he reacted.

You're latest release, Codes & Metaphors, is divided into three parts. What made you decide to piece something like this together?

My first three album projects were CD only so this time round I am doing it on vinyl but with remixes as well.

Was it conceived as an album in its entirety, or did the inspiration come after a few tracks were made already?

Codes came together one track after the other. After a while I saw enough material for an album and went forward from there.

It's being released in a trio of staggered episodes. Do you think this is important to get the most exposure in a saturated era?

It's better for the consumer I think given the economy these days. Also the remixes give it an EP feel, so it is unique. This project is for the Black Jazz Consortium fans, if you have been following since 05 then you're going to get into how it comes together record by record.

For those unacquainted, where does Fred begin and BJC pick up?

Black Jazz Consortium is my vinyl project on Soul People Music. However BJC has appeared on Laid and Deep Explorer- those were special collaborations, that is the difference, simple really.

Why do you think the deep house sound has been so dominant in Europe over the last five years?

It's time has come again, but it is always there it has not gone anywhere. There is always good music being made by lots of great artists.

In terms of DJing, does the idea of a major event put you off, or does everything have its place?

There is something for everyone, big or more intimate events there is room for everything. I am not put off by any event really this is a great time for music in general.

There are more venues and festivals today than ever. This means people can go and experience the music they are into no matter how leftfield it is, there is a place that hosts that particular sound. It's great and I am glad to be a part of this musical growth, it's historic.

It's not irregular for you to play long sets, do you think too much is emphasis is placed on the number of DJs a party has, not how many tracks they get to play each?

Not at all really, everyone has a part to play and depending on the programming of the event it is up to the selector to compliment the time slot with his or her taste and talent.

Your label, Soul People Music, has been going for seven years now. How difficult is it to maintain the output quality given the commanding DJ diary.

It is difficult, however a labor of love and respect. So I will continue to develop a format that works for me on the road.

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