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Review: Kaluki vs Krankbrother at Sankeys

The marriage of two of the UK's best underground parties under one roof...

Carrying on from their fantastic opening parties, Sankeys hosted another musically sound, deep and sexy party last night with the Kaluki vs Krankbrother party takeover. Unfortunately due to a flight cancellation Heidi was unable to make it which initially put a downer on the night, (I love that woman and her hair) however with an overall pleasing line-up featuring Krankbrothers, Matt Tolfrey, DJ T., Anja Schneider, Ellesse, Pete Zorba, Wildkats and Sebo K the party still went off and they pulled another banging event out the bag.

The venue was busy as expected but not too over crowded which made way for some very experimental dance moves from my fellow deep house heads in particular a man who persisted on wacking out the running man to DJ T's set in the Basement. I immediately noticed that The Box was closed off, possibly due to Heidi's unexpected absence but nevertheless the Basement and Spektrum were just right for the remaining acts. Walking into the Spektrum the atmosphere was a little calmer with a quirkier crowd and deeper music coming from the Wildkats guys; who incorporated Amirali into their set and a mean saxophone riff which ensured the crowds fists were pumping, fingers were shaking and feet were stomping to the beats.

Moving to the Basement which had a darker atmosphere, most people were pulling out their underground skanks and really feeling the deep bass travel through them. At one point I even heard an edge of jungle fused into the tech house sound but overall DJ T's set remained deep and full of bounce. Obviously feeling the buzz in the air DJ T even took to filming his bass riding crowd and delivered a really great set. Just like there were flashes of light with the LED tubes embedded in the ceiling, DJ T smashed out mixes which couldn't fail to grab your attention. Dropping 'Let's Groove' by George Moral and MK's track 'Burning' ensured that the crowd kept dancing until the early hours. Featuring more vocals, electronic keys and and gripping drops, the Basement's crowd didn't look like they would be going anywhere fast.

This summer Sankeys has really rivalled the island's larger clubs with phenomenal line-ups and parties and last night was another example of a great event. I for one definitely class myself as a fan of the club and I'm very excited to see what Sankeys will bring to us underground folk over the course of the season.

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