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Miguel Campbell: Man O' MAM

Taking the focus back to MAM in 2013.

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Although involved in the music scene since the 90's it is only now that Miguel Campbell blesses the world with his debut album; released at the end of October on Hot Creations 'Back in Flight School' embraces that 'Something Special' which made Miguel Campbell so popular in 2011.

Homing in on a sexy style of music his sound embraces an old school funk riddled with soul, hip-hop and deep melodies. And as the first album on Jamie Jones' and Lee Foss' Hot Creations imprint it had a lot of high expectations to live up to. Here we catch up with the all round nice lad who once politely kissed me on the cheek and bowed his head to me during the Paradise closing at DC10. I'm assuming this was a case of mistaken identity but nice lad nonetheless...

You began on the music scene as one half of MAM, tell us how you branched off and began creating your own musical identity?

I began producing music a few years before the MAM project was born. I have always worked as a solo artist and so already had a sound of my own.

Your summer hit - 'Something Special' - on Hot Creations was definitely a huge factor in your success, tell us how the release came about and the inspiration behind it?

This track was released on Hot Creations back in 2011 and was part of my ‘Baby I Got It EP'. This was a great release for me and has done quite well on many levels. The track was born out of one of those moments when someone catches your eye and you begin to wonder about what could be.

Soft and soulful vocals, funky melodies and bouncy basslines are a few of the things I notice in your tracks, how would you describe the music you make?

I would describe the sound as French House music. Music with a touch of disco and funk. Some would call it French house v2.0.

What do you try to evoke in the listener through your style? Why do you think your music connects so well with the dance-floor?

I always try to convey emotion in my music and I think this has begun working on the dance-floors around the world; with a vocal hook and the right melody/bass.

You just released your debut album on Hot Creations titled 'Back in Flight School', why did you choose this name?

The theme comes from the old ‘in Flight' ethos in funk music that gives you a feeling of being in the sky.

What challenges did you face, if any, when producing the album?

The real challenge in writing the album was deciding how much of a club sound to throw in there and how much of a funk/hip-hop sound to use.

What kind of journey has it taken you on as an artist?

It was a great time for me as an artist as I knew that this album would reach a wide audience so there were some nail-biting times but I really enjoyed the whole process.

Is the end product what you expected?

Yes, the album is exactly as I intended it to be and I think the journey through the tracks works in the same way as I felt it.

The album features 15 tracks, does it take the listener on a journey from start to finish or does each track spin its own story?

I like to think that whilst each track has its individuality, the whole album also takes a trip!

You have had a solid set of gigs in Ibiza this season playing in Space, Sankeys and DC10, what has been the highlight?

My Highlight of Ibiza 2012 was playing the paradise closing at DC10 for Hot Creations. One of my favourite gigs to date!

How does playing in Ibiza compare to other world stages?

Ibiza is great as there are so many friends there that I know and love along with lots of folks who are really clued up on their music so I always enjoy Ibiza. Sometimes when playing in a foreign land, it is hard as you don't always know what the people there are into or know what music they like to hear.

To top off a hugely successful year you were also nominated in the DJ Awards in the Best Newcomer category, tell us how it felt to be nominated?

To be nominated was amazing – there are so many great artists around now who have broken through recently, to be nominated as one of the best of them was very kind and I felt proud.

Also, what is it like to be up against the likes of Soul Clap and other industry friends?

There is no competition amongst friends, we just like to do what we do and have a good time regardless of any hype. We are happy to be in this together, no matter who wins.

Finally, what can we expect from Miguel Campbell next year... something special, sexy, wonderful?

There is lots going on but keep your eye on the MAM project and Outcross Records as this will be my main focus in 2013!

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