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Ibiza Workers: Workers accommodation

Planning on working on the White Isle this summer and wondering where's best to stay? Read on to find out...

If you are planning on doing a season in Ibiza this summer or next then we have some hints and tips for you on where the best places are for workers to stay.

Although you will be working hard(ish) and most certainly partying harder it is important to find that home away from home. Assuming that you will be living in the accommodation you choose for 3-5 months you'll want somewhere that is clean, comfortable, relatively kitted out (air con, washing machine, Wi-Fi etc) and in a good location. So, below is a list of what we think are the best places and apartments for an Ibiza worker to live in.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the best place for a worker to stay as it is where all the bars are and where the majority of ticket selling takes place - therefore the majority of recruiting happens here. There are also two large workers' complexes in San An so plenty of apartments to choose from.

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is situated in San Antonio, just past the beach promenade by Ibiza Rocks bar, Bay bar and Itaca - for those who have been before. For those who have not this is in an ideal location and only a 10 minute walk to the West End, where we assume many of you may work.

There is also a communal pool at Es Vedra and this is probably the workers complex with the best party vibe as the layout allows for more inter-mingling between apartments and the pool is a nice added extra. The apartments all sleep 5.

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Es Pon - The new workers complex

New in the 2011 season, this workers complex is set a few hundred yards from Ibiza Rocks hotel and Cafe Mambo, so is on the opposite side of San Antonio to Es Vedra.

Still only a 5-10 minute walk to the West End this is also in a prime location for both fun and work. Unlike Es Vedra this complex doesn't have any communal areas like a pool but there are a couple of pools very near by which you can use if you buy a drink. So no biggy!

Although there were a few teething problems with Es Pon when it first opened last year we are hoping things have since improved. There is no denying that the apartments themselves are gorgeous, modern and ideally located. However there were several electricity and Wi-Fi hiccups throughout the season in 2011 so be sure to confirm that these problems have been dealt with before you commit.

There are some nice touches to Es Pon such as the sunset terraces which many of the apartments have which of course allow you to see for miles and watch the infamous Ibiza sunset and sunbathe. The other apartments all have good sized balconies and if you get one of the inwards facing balconies you will be partying 24/7 with all the Es Pon gang. If you are staying in one of the outward facing apartments you may be slightly out of the fun but on the plus side you will be able to catch a bit of shut eye when needed. Apartments can sleep 6-7 people or up to 9 people.

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Other apartments

Although staying in one of San Antonio's workers apartments is probably the best way for a seasonal worker to meet other workers quickly, be targeted for jobs/work offers, party and get yourself guestlist to events we understand that some of you prefer the quieter more relaxed side to Mediterranean life. So, there are a range of private rentals which you can get information for from several places and these apartments tend to sleep 2-5 people and are on the smaller scale.

You may want to consider staying in San Antonio bay as opposed to the main town as there are some lovely more secluded complexes and apartments there.

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Another site worth a visit for the smaller groups is;

Playa d'en Bossa

Admittedly San Antonio is the most practical place for a worker to stay but there is no denying that the glamour and classy vibe of nearby resort Playa de'n Bossa is very tempting as an alternative. However you would have to rent privately and this would probably cost you a little bit more but it is still an option.

Something to consider is that Playa d'en Bossa is a slightly smaller resort on the tourist scale in comparis