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Top 5: Male Fashion Fun for Ibiza

I’m not a fashion expert. I am however mildly ridiculous with rare moments of being super-cool. So these are my top 5 tips for the lads in Ibiza.

1. Short shorts. Not long shorts. But certainly not short shorts that are too short.

Word 'on the street' is that short length should be somewhere between the knee and mid-thigh, . But really it's simple; stop wearing below-the-knee boarder shorts with tacky garish floral prints on them. Like the ones they sell in supermarkets, or at Topman in the UK. If you're a surfer then yeah, ok. But otherwise get yourself a cool pair of short shorts. Without ruining my clearly dwindling macho image as I write this piece, short shorts will help you look taller and more toned (that was awkward). Unless you're fat of course.

No, NO!, Yes.

2. Rey Beri sunglasses. Why spend hundreds on Ray Ban sunglasses when you can have the more fruitier sounding Rey Beri for a fraction of the price?

Every shop has them, even the ‘lucky-lucky' men sell them. They cost €8 whereas Ray Ban's can cost upwards of €100, and they are available in lots of different colours. If you want to be a trend follower and not a trendsetter, then these bad boys are for you.

Ray Ban, Rey Beri (fruity!).

3. No football tops. I'm not saying don't wear them at all. But every day?

I come from Merseyside, where three of the best football teams come from; Liverpool, Tranmere Rovers and of course the impressive Vauxhall Motors. So when I see someone wearing a teams football top to show his support, it brings a tear to my eye I'm so damn proud. But, why wear them every single day on holiday? Why not mix it up with a tshirt, or a vest (see Tip 5).

Jay from The Inbetweeners movie. No. (In fact all of them no).

4. Flossys. Spanish made footwear and cheaper alternative to Tom's.

Yes, I know when you buy a pair of Tom's another pair gets donated to charity, but why not help support the local Spanish footwear industry, save yourself 25 euros at the same time, AND the soles smell like strawberries! Cash-back.

Both good causes, Flossy's just cheaper...

5. Vests. Wear them. You can flex in them to maximum effect.

It's not the 90s, don't wear neon. Nothing that says ‘I Love Ibiza', because it doesn't love you back. Not so tight we can see your beer belly. And not so loose we can see your nipples. That's only cool for girls. See below for examples.

No, Stop it!, Yes.

If you still aren't sure on how to look super-cool, then have a look at our shop and buy one of everything.

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