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Review: Supermartxe at Privilege July 1st

69 year old DJ Ruth Flowers headlines this classic Ibiza party.

As I arrived at Privilege, I quickly saw why it has earned the title of “World's Largest Club”. The entrance for guest list was nowhere near the entrance for people with tickets, and then once I found the guest list entrance there were numerous different lines depending on which guest list you were on. When I finally entered the club I felt like I was in some sort of massive super dome. There was a huge balcony surrounding the main floor below, and in front of the main floor there was a swimming pool with the DJ booth set up behind it. The crowd that filled Privilege tonight was mainly Spanish, which on appearance alone I could have fit right in, but that facade was quickly blown as soon as I attempted to speak.

The opening DJ had the crowd dancing to a lot of mainstream pop and house music, and basically played most of the tracks mash-up style. Shortly after I arrived, the headlining DJ took the stage, and the crowd went absolutely mad. The headliner wasn't a young up and coming DJ, or someone well-known and established. She was none other than Ruth Flowers, a 69 year old woman from London, who decided to take on a new career DJing only two years ago. She made a huge statement with her bright sequined jacket, massive black sunglasses, and rhinestone headphones. She continued playing the same type of mainstream mash-up music, and was very interactive with the crowd.

About an hour into her set behind the the DJ booth, a curtain was raised to reveal a massive stage of juice head looking men and half dressed women with a backdrop of a city skyline and graffiti covered cars. A mini show of dancing and performing, and a little bit of pyrotechnics began.

If you're looking for a break from the typical house, trance, and techno you will find at most of Ibiza's parties, then definitely check out Supermartxe at Privilege with some fantastic and more mainstream music, lots of amazing visuals, performers, and special effects.

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