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Ibiza Resident DJ: #2 Ian Blevins

This week another of We Love's regulars that is rapidly going places....

Selected by: Jem Haynes

1. Where are you from?

I'm from the popular holiday resort of Horden, County Durham in the North-East of England.

2. When did you first come to Ibiza?

I must have been about 18/19......18 - 30 lark with some mates from college.

3. Where did you first play in Ibiza?

Can't quite remember. I remember playing the pre parties for Azuli at Savannah. Payment was a meal and a much loved chocolate brownie. That could have been the first.

4. Tell us about some of the places you've played in Ibiza?

Space is the place I've played the most for We Love, Future Disco at Carl Cox and Azuli respectively. I've also held down a steady saturday resident at my favorite bar in the town, Lo Cura, for the last 3 year I think now. Other places I've graced are Bora Bora, Rock Bar, Ushuaïa, Amante and the bar at Cala Conte, off the top of my head.

5. Where is your main residency on the island now?

We Love, where I was weekly last year playing down on the covered terrace and holding the Premier Etage down for anything up 8 hours.

We Love... Ibiza 2008 Episode 13 from We Love on Vimeo.

We Love... Space, Sunday July 11th 2010 from We Love on Vimeo.

6. What's so good about that place/party?

The line ups are spot on. 6 rooms of different music and acts crossing such a wide musical spectrum. You can't find that anywhere else on the island on that scale. I really like the club itself, excellent sound and always a room to suite my mood with the vibe across the club always great. Playing music to smiling (messy) faces and plenty of knee's and hands up. Last but not least are the folks who run it and work there. Bang on!

7. Which other DJ has been the biggest source of inspiration in your career? (ibiza or not)

I got into DJing really through disco, soul us house scene so i'd name folk such as Theo Parrish, Larry Heard, DJ Spinna to name only a few.

8. What have you been up to during the winter?

Aside from the myth that I am a postman, I've been back in UK knuckling down. I've had gigs around the northeast including an excellent Boxing Day event for We Love amongst others as well as a top trip to London. From March onwards the diary is looking much easier for me so I'm looking forward to that before the summer.

9. Tell us about your production plans at the moment.

At minute im getting stuck into Ableton and doing my best to learn as quickly as possible, as well as working with a friend on some things. I'm still new to that game so doing my best to catch up. I've recently had a EP out on CityWestRecords and most of my edits are up on my soundcloud page.

10. How can DJs who are residents in Ibiza avoid just being DJs who are just residents in Ibiza?!

It's tough one, easier said than done. I've spent last 2 summers in Australia so one way would be to keep following the sun, which many of the island's summer residents favour. Think the key is work and catching some luck along the way.

11. Which Ibiza resident Dj should we feature next?

Lets go for the two shortest eh. Monsieur Doris or James Dutton who is actually only 8 years old!

Podcast SPTL010: Ian Blevins

Ian Blevins - Website

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