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Ibiza Gossip Girl: Chapter Two - Openings

Last week's island adventures courtesy of Gossip Chica.

Sea planes collect water in the fight to extinguish the fire

Before I launch into the more light hearted happenings of Ibiza, I firstly must express the gutting frustration that ensued, as one idiotic bee keeper, who has/will cost the island millions in restoration and emergency services, has brought devastation to the islands most idyllic area's in the north. Using smoke to tranquilize his bees, as he stupidly left the area unattended, flames rapidly crescendoed, unfortunately going un-noticed for almost two hours, by which point a hell of a lot of damage had been done, and leading eventually to Ibiza experiencing its worse fire catastrophe yet.

I guess as we're not sporting the best weather this week one good outcome is that it will have helped distinguish any remaining ash...But, come rain or shine, one thing you can count on, is that a bit of bad weather will not stop this island from throwing some hell of a parties! I initially felt sorry for anyone who's holidaying this week; they'll be going home many shades of pale. But then I remembered, even with the sunshine, that's often the case over here!

What with the fine array of the worlds' most super club nights on offer every day for the duration of the summer. This week saw many an opening party, and for me many a morning (ok afternoon), awoken with rather a sore head.

I confess I missed Space's opening, something I'm kicking myself at now. It wasn't without reason though. On Friday I went to the International Music Summit's Grand Finale at Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town. It's hands down, my favourite night of the year in Ibiza.

Japanese Popstars were superb; I think the summit peeps placed the line-up in the wrong order a bit as they were on too early. The boys from Ireland were sure up for a party afterwards, I spotted them at the bar buying their own drinks. Apparently they'd finished their rider an hour after their show! I wished they'd have swapped and had Hercules & Love Affair earlier on instead. Visually these girls/guys/girls def put on a show. They look fab, and move remarkably... Unfortunately live, their catalogue of songs started to take you on a road to nowhere, which disappointed me greatly as I'd been looking forward to watching them since I heard they'd been billed.

Dubfire resurrected the flattening crowd, and as soon as 2 Many DJ's took to the decks, they whipped everyone into a frenzy of delight and enthusiasm, myself included, providing the ultimate climax to a festival that each year gets better and better. Did you spot a chick who managed to climb up behind them towards the end of their set? Observed by thousands, silhouetted and shaking to the grooves, but still managing to remain faceless? I wonder who that could have been???

The next day, the only cure to pull my head from my arse, hanging hamster mouth, and serious Ben Dover, was to take myself to the most hyped two new hotel opening parties, Ushuaia and then Pikes (now the Ibiza Rocks House), and get myself back on it. But more on that later...
Wednesday I popped to the opening of Subliminal Invasion, which unless you were born in a barn, will know is Erick Morillo's gig at Pacha. Nothing I haven't already seen and heard in the last seven years really, so I'm not sure why it's suddenly an invasion, but everyone who was there was lapping it right up and having a blast, so I'm not judging, honest! What I am absolutely LOVING is Pacha's disco and 80's inspired room, by the Pacha restaurant. I could have stayed there all night, dancing away to early Madonna, and the Bee Gees', it's super refreshing, and as only Pacha could do, refrains from stepping into cheesy territory and has more of a studio 54 vibe going on... it's sensational!

Now everyone remembers, and many have experienced, Ibiza 10-20 years ago. An era when the island sparkled so very brightly with sexual liberation, freedom of expression, and debauched and unlimited round the clock festivities... And it would seem, after a few years of more, shall we say, ‘capped' shenanigans? Slowly but surely, the island is rebelling against its restrictions and putting a capital H back into hedonism once more.

The opening of Ushuaia's ‘expect the unexpected' new beach hotel was a great triumph, and although headline and poster boy DJ Luciano's lack of appearance was noted, they worked round the inevitable. I feel it would be inappropriate to discuss the reason he didn't appear, let's just say it was due to tragic circumstances, and shouldn't be held against him. Regardless, it was undoubtedly a super success, if (at €50 a ticket), a slightly too pricey one. For additional debauchery, for €500 you can pay for your own ‘party room' which consists of a bath, glass table, outdoor day bed, and fridge - all the tools you need to get damn right naughty! Which trust me, many people did.

Ibiza Rocks' latest conquest, taking over 80's boutique love nest, Pikes, is another one to encourage illicit immorality. Their private bar has been kitted out to feel like you've stumbled across some raucous house party, with decks lying on a chest of drawers in what is blatantly a closet, huge king-sized bed taking over most of the dance area, bathroom with no door, and fancy dress box, you have the potential to lose yourself for days in that place... And their mojitos are to die for! Only open a week, it's already proved to be a big pull for the in-side island people who can wangle their way past security, as it's strictly for guests, celebs and VIPs. So obviously I've been there for both parties daaaarhling. Oh and I'm off there again tonight for The Prodigy's agent's private birthday bash. It's a tough job...

See you next week.
Gossip Girl x

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