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Fashion: Swimwear

From bikinis to monokinis, anything goes in Ibiza, whether it’s part of dressing up, chilling by the pool or simply to look glam, swimwear is a hot topic in White Isle fashion.

The Monokini

The monokini is a popular choice of swimwear for women whether it's the fancy dress lover in you it appeals to or you're simply just a glamour puss. They look great as part of an outfit for your favourite Ibizan event as well as paired with some big sunglasses and a straw hat by the pool. A monokini is a more glamorous choice of swimwear although they are not that practical for a day of tanning as they would leave you some obvious tan lines, they are however the perfect choice for the more feminine, sexy and glamorous girls.

Events such as DC10, The Zoo Project and even boat parties are often chances for Ibiza's revellers to dress up and interpret their love for the madcap world of house music through their dress and a monokini gives you a great foundation to create a look that suits you.

The Zoo Project is an event where almost all partygoers dress up as animals, and a monokini is a great choice for girls. The sexy cut out swimming costume allows you to paint the revealed parts of your body in animal print, and can look sexy paired with tights. Similar to a leotard a monokini in the right style and circumstance can look very glamorous.

The Bikini

The bikini is obviously the most popular and traditional swimwear choice for most women and with many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes you can find one that's perfect for you.

Bandeau bikini – A bandeau bikini better suits small chested women, those with a boyish frame or pear shaped figures. As the bandeau top to the bikini is strapless and covers most the cleavage area, and takes the focus to other parts of your body. So it can give women who are small on top a more womanly shape.

Halter neck bikini – A halter neck bikini can suit most people, however it is ideal for women who have large breasts and are conscious of how they sit. As a more supportive type of bikini it is the perfect addition to your beachwear collection as it enhances shape and puts all your curves in the right places.

Tankini – A tankini is a conscious girl's dream, not as old fashioned as a full swimsuit, but still covering up the areas you don't want on show. Assumed to be unsexy the tankini can actually be very feminine and with many styles and patterns on offer they can in fact ooze sexiness.

50's inspired swimwear – In recent years the pin up girl look is back in both high end and retail fashion. This year has also seen the return of the 70's look in day to day fashion but swimwear has stuck to the ever popular 50 style. Endorsed by celebs such as Kelly Brooke the pin up girl inspired look is most popular with curvaceous and hour glass figured ladies. One of the most feminine and girly trends in swimwear, this style is quirky, fashionable and unique. This style also stretches across both bikinis and swimsuits making anything that once was old fashioned now vintage.

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