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DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's Poll 2011

Another year, another bombardment of press and boot-licking and big smiles.

Club journalism has changed almost beyond recognition in the last ten years. Global titles have risen, while institutions like iDJ and Jockey Slut have sadly fallen. In contrast DJ Mag is holding steady. The fact that last year 500,000 dance music heads from across the world voted in the magazine's Top 100 DJs poll bolsters this notion.

That Armin Van Buuren has won four in a row is another point altogether, and if you do want to talk about that perhaps it's best to get involved in 2011's argument instead. So, ignoring the protests of past voters, let's move on to the details.

You might be hoping to see David Guetta steal the crown, or for everyone to wake up and realise there's only one Jeff Mills. Either way now's the time to act. Voting opened on July 27th, and closes next month- September 23rd to be exact, and that's not all you need to know.

This time round a fresh format has been adopted, meaning voters must use a new Facebook app, or #Top100DJs on Twitter to send out their messages of support. All very social media savvy, and while the trusted online form is notably absent that's put few off, with the most people voting during an opening week since the poll went public back in 1997.

One reason for this might be the rather attractive incentive. The magazine is running the show in conjunction with the download site Track It Down, and so in return for an opinion, whether well-informed or twisted from years of sleepless abuse, you will receive a TID Pro account for one month. That means access to an overbearing 10,000 new, cut-price, high-quality tracks every week for the duration, which is all well worth the effort if you ask us.

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