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Trentemoller - 'Silver Surfer Ghost Rider Go'

Denmark‘s most forward thinking export Trentemøller announces a new single on his own ‘In My Room‘ label complete with remixes from none other than Andrew Weatherall, and also Lulu Rouge.

Anders Trentemoller may seem like a ‘new kid on the block' in many respects with just 2 albums under his belt but the Danish electro' musician has actually been honing his psychadelia-infused electronica for almost 15 years now. With the release of his second album Into the Great Wide Yonder the ambitious young producer is looking to expand his ever-growing fan base with the stylishly atmospheric 'Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go'.

The track is expertly layered with every individual instrument making itself known at one stage or another throughout. In comparison to a majority of dance offerings out there too Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go sounds much more organic, textured and ultimately less artificial giving it a genuinely unique quality. The only drawback, and most likely reason for it not to explode into the charts, is the lack of any definitive, distinguishable verse/chorus structure. All four minutes twenty of the single feels closer to an introduction with no climactic payoff at the end.

Nevertheless, accompanying the release is a handful of excellently experimental remixes too, of which my personal favourite is Lulu Rouge's Burial-inspired dubstep rendition. Slowing the whole thing down a peg or two and giving it an echoing, eerie backdrop brings the track alive. Dubstep remixes are without question the in-thing at the moment, with everyone from La Roux, Rihanna and Muse getting the dub-treatment on their work.

For me, dubstep is a genre on the brink of dominating all other forms of electronic music, proven not only by its consistent flirting with the mainstream but also the scores of DJ's and producers crossing over into the 2-step rhythms of the genre. Lulu Rouge's dubstep take on Silver Surfer' is the best of the bunch and Trentemoller would do well to take it on board.


Artist: Trentemoller

Title: Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go

Label: In My Room

Rating: B

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