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Review: The Red Room by Dennis Ferrer

After having the massive 'Hey, Hey' reigned supreme in 2010, Ferrer is back with the latest release on his Objektivity label.

This is one infectious momma! Clearly inspired by the commercial success of 'Hey, Hey' but not willing completely to let go of his music soul, Ferrer has crafted a winding, sleazing house track that twists and turns either side of a unsettling and unique sounding vocal.

The track almost plays out as a mini-sampler for some of the more prevalent house music sounds over the last 20 years, with a clear percussive drum intro leading into the dirty electro sound and layered drums before a noticeable French Kiss-esque (Lil Louis) sample comes into play towards the end.

The vocalist doesn't even get a mention in the press release, so no idea who that is, but it certainly grabs the attention. Each note sounds like an effort without quite being out-of-tune and definitely adds a wild element to it.

Remixes come from Detroit super-kid Kyle Hall, who drops the bpm and chops and stops at it in his customary style, but really doesn't do anything for me. The Martinez Brothers & Jerome Sydenham remix in contrast keeps a house groove and plays out as a steady away DJ tool albeit nothing spectacular even including the break. Stick with the original and expect to be hearing a lot of this over the coming months.


Artist: Dennis Ferrer

Title: The Red Room

Label: Objektivity

Rating: B

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