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Dance Music History: Sampling Daft Punk

Last in the sampling section of our anatomical look at dance music's roots and history. Fascinating insight into Daft Punk's sampling and inspirations.

First things first, we love Daft Punk, who doesn't? If you don't you've probably had too much plant food or C.A.K.E. and only like Infected Mushroom, who incidentally feature in this week's podcast. Hmmm, errrr.....moving swiftly on.

This youtube effort did the rounds a while ago showing Daft Punk's samples, predominantly from the Discovery album. I'll let the music do the talking.

But it seemed like this really was the tip of the iceberg and a host of other samples were suggested, some quite surprising, others ludicrous. Check out what's confirmed, possible and/or still very much up for debate.

BUT........the influence of Daft Punk is huge. Not only did they directly inspire the development of a very particular sound, but they put people on the dance floor, they created hits from electronic music, without (generally) dumbing down for the commercial market. Therefore, it's only inevitable that they'd be sampled themselves. So on top of the numerous white label remixes and mash ups and what have you, here are some of the official samples, Junior Jack's Thrill Me being a notable absentee.

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