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DC10 threatened with closure for 1 year

DC10 has been threatened with closure for a full year and a fine of €300,000.

Unless you´ve been living with your head in the sand, then you would know that DC10 has been currently serving out the remainder of a 60 day ban. This original ban was dished out in 2007 for not doing enough to prevent the consumption of drugs, but was not fully completed last year, leading to the enforced closure this year for the remainding 57 days.

However, with the much anticipated re-opening party around the corner, the authorities have seen fit to take further action - this time for exceeding the official capacity and for noise pollution. The maximum fine of €300,000 has been set.

DC10 only has an official capacity of 68 people, due to the type of licence that it owns. For as long as parties have been taking place there, this has been largely ignored and parties such as Circo Loco on Mondays greatly exceeded the capacity.

The club do have one month to appeal against the decision.

We´ll keep you updated with any more news.

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