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Bora Bora Ibiza ... Farewell Fiesta 2008

After a long summer it’s soon coming to an end at Bora Bora

You really know that the Ibiza party season is over when Bora Bora announce the date of their closing party.

Well, now that time has come and Bora Bora have announced the ´Farewell Fiesta 2008´ to take place on Monday 6 October, one day after the spectacular that is the Space closing party.

Bora Bora party

Bora Bora may have changed over recent years, and while some people will say that it´s not as good as it used to be, there are just as many, or more, that have experienced a day at Bora Bora and had the time of their life !

With loud music being played out from 16:30, enjoyed by the dancing crowd inside or by the sunbathing people on the beach in front, it´s a joy to take in the mood, and see all the planes overhead as they fly in to Ibiza Airport.

Bora Bora party

If you´re looking for a place to stay over here, then the Jet Apartments are situated right next to Bora Bora, offering a terrific holiday location by the beach, and of course Space – which is only 5 mins away.

So on Monday 6 October, where will you be ..? Chilling at home, stressing at work ... or enjoying one last beach party at the most popular beaches in Ibiza ..?

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