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The sound of music is alive and well at Meganite

Mauro Picotto brings his Meganite back to Privilege

meganite logoAfter the opening of Cocoon last Monday, another techno giant, led by Mauro Picotto, has arrived back in Ibiza. And, after a great season in 2006, the Meganite contingent are looking forward to more of the same this summer.

In Ibiza, Meganite has built a reputation for providing quality techno music over the last four years, with a brief digression into the darker world of minimal and electro (provided by John Acquaviva).

But as far as opening parties go, it wasn’t the busiest we’ve seen – which was a shame as the music was of a standard that deserved a full house of clubbers to appreciate it. This obviously meant more space to dance for everyone involved, but at such a large club as Privilege this isn’t usually a problem.

the meganite crowd

In fact, for most nights of the week, Privilege has much of the club closed – Friday night's Manumission is the only event that is capable of filling the 10,000 capacity venue. This often has the effect of making the party a much more intimate affair which you could certainly feel at nights like Meganite.

And this was certainly the case tonight - a mixed crowd comprising Italians, Spaniards, Germans and, of course, British party people all mixing it up together as the music travelled over familiar techno ground and more minimalistic beats.

mauro picotto

With Picotto supported by top techno Swede Adam Beyer and Obi Baby on the night, the music was fluid and even for a non-techno loving clubber, the sound was appealing enough to spend much of the night on the dance floor.

meganite dancerAn improved sound system at Privilege meant you could feel the vibrations ringing through your body, whilst the introduction of the newly added theatrical displays of the P:Gold crew from Italy offered a visual distraction from the scantily clad Meganite dancers.

All said and done, Meganite offers a great clubbing experience and once the parties start filling up again this should be a techno storm in a tea cup.

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