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Manumission returns with a bang

Friday saw the long awaited opening of the biggest party in the world - Manumission

The Manumission opening party was always going to be a grand affair – with everyone wanting to check out the spectacular event that has long been the talk of Ibiza.

And on Friday 15 June, the party was set off in typical fashion, with a full house of clubbers waiting to be entertained. And that is what Manumission is about – entertaining the masses and ensuring that they leave with something to talk about.

miracles happen

The ‘Mish team spend a lot of time (and money) on preparing their show each year and this season sees a theme involving a battle between The Dominators and The Resistance.

As Manumission shows go, this is up there with the best; a magnificent stage layout providing the backdrop for the delightful dancing girls and entertainers.

The 10,000 capacity club that is Privilege, situated between San Antonio and Ibiza Town, is perfect for the Manumission extravaganza, with the drama unfolding into the (very) early hours.

manumission at privilege

The only problem is that, with so much going on across the club, you always feel like you’re missing something elsewhere !

Across the three rooms – including the renamed La Chatte Agile and Sleazeville – the music was excellent, playing a mixture of deep and twisted beats in the back rooms, to the more upfront party music supplied by in the main room.

la chatte agile

With the show divided into three parts – each one bringing the dance floor to a standstill – it is a real challenge to maintain the musical flow.

Fortunately, exclusive resident DJ, Tom Middleton, is more than capable - playing out a creative medley of tunes to get the crowd moving again.

tom middleton

We caught up with him for a few brief words…

Spotlight - Manumission has legendary status in Ibiza. How does it feel to be playing here again ?

Tom - Had a ball last year and can't wait for the fun and frolics to begin again. The spectacular new show sounds like it will raise the bar this year. I've got some corkers lined up to get everyone ready for the only Friday night out in Ibiza that pushes the envelope and breaks the mould for a total clubbing and entertainment experience.

Spotlight - What are you looking forward to the most about the summer ahead ?

Tom - The amazing people and eccentric personalities at Manumission. Uniting all the tribes under one roof. Testing all kinds of hot new productions and getting an instant crowd reaction, breaking a tune or growing it into an unexpected anthem over the course of the season.

tom middleton

So as the battle between the Dominators and the Resistance gets underway – whose side will you be on ?

Unlike other wars, this is one where you’ll want to get a front-row seat.

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