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The Manumission show continues

How has Manumission settled in to it's new home, Amnesia ?

It’s been an interesting summer for everyone at Manumission, as they find themselves ending the season in a different venue to which they started.

After a series of disputes with the owner of Privilege, the doors were recently closed for Manumission on the night of the event.

Enough has been written about that however, so we wanted to take a look at how Manumission has been working out at their new home, Amnesia.

Made in italy

Amnesia were quick to snap up the Manumission party after it became clear that Privilege was no longer an option, adding the enormous event to an already established Friday night, where it has been sharing with Made In Italy until the end of the season.

Since Manumission has made it’s name from putting on such creative and outstanding stage shows, a move to Amnesia has meant a scaling down – for this summer at least.

The Amnesia terrace does provide an excellent dance space but isn’t too suited to supporting such a huge stage show – or is it ?

Manumission must go Amnesia

The new Manumission shows at Amnesia have so far been brilliant and have gone down really well with the crowd. In fact, most of the people we’ve spoken to have left Amnesia praising the new ‘Mish night.

Interestingly enough, this is down to the one reason that the people thought the show wouldn’t work at Amnesia – the stage show.

The Manumisssion set up at Privilege

At Privilege (above), the immense space allowed a stage set-up of grand proportions (and cost !), which was then transformed into a spectacle not to be missed.

Of course, the Amnesia terrace doesn’t offer the same space. Instead, now there is a smaller stage located much closer to the crowd – and this is where the new success lies.

Clubbers now feel so much closer to the actual stage show, close enough to really feel part of it – which couldn’t be said about the show previously.

The more intimate stage at Amnesia

We’ve also spoken to many ‘Mish dancers and entertainers (a perk of the job) who claim to enjoy putting on the show more, now that they are closer to the crowd.

This make a lot of sense – and is one reason why Ibiza Rocks has been so successful too.

The famous Manumission stage show

The biggest problem now is that Manumission could easily fill Amnesia on it’s own, such is the grand reputation it has with Ibiza clubbers.

Instead, it is currently limited to sharing the venue with Made In Italy – and the fact is that the Italian party crowd don’t bring the same party vibe to the clubs as the British.

The next step for Manumission ? We wait with baited breath !

Mike and Claire Manumission

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