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Manumission moves to Amnesia

Manumission moves to Amnesia this Friday night

In 2007, Amnesia have been making the Ibiza news more than occasional guests Paris Hilton and P Diddy.

And they are once again making the headlines - but this time sharing the ink with Privilege and Manumission.

Amnesia logo

After an ongoing dispute behind the scenes between the promoters, Manumission, and hosts, Privilege, Jose Maria (the owner of the 10,000 capacity super-club) decided enough was enough and locked the doors for the evening on Friday 3 August.

The issue that brought this all to a head was apparently a fine being handed out due to a party over-running last season - or more particularly, who should pay this fine.

Privilege at night

Unfortunately, Friday nights closure led to much confusion and chaos for many - in particular the 1,000's of clubbers who had already purchased their tickets.

Of course, all tickets are being refunded for those unfortunate to miss out.

Not wanting to let down clubbers down, Manumission have now made the bold move of shifting their party to Amnesia on Friday nights.

Made In Italy at AmnesiaThe Friday night spot at Amnesia is currently held by Made In Italy, a night that has been going on for over 10 years.

But now Made In Italy will take charge of the main room, while the 'Mish will put on a party in the terrace.

Of course, it won't have the same immense scale that was enjoyed at Privilege but it does mean that the Manumission antics can continue.

With August being the month in which millions of Italians descend upon Ibiza (well, it always feels like that !), it will be interesting to see what happens next.

It's possible that Made In Italy may move to another night at Amnesia, leaving Friday night free for Manumission - probably the best result for both parties.

The Manumission crowd at Privilege

So have we now seen the final Manumission party at Privilege ?

If so, we'd like to tip our hats to one of the most successful parties ever and one responsible for bringing so many people to Ibiza !

Although, in true Ibiza fashion - we don't expect this to be the last on the matter...

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