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The Zoo Evolution - Benimussa Park

At Benimussa Park. The Zoo Project evolves and creates another dimension on Tuesdays.


The Zoo Project expands into the Zoo Evolution. Apart from their famous Saturday sessions, 2017 sees a new daytime party on Tuesdays for an extended season at Benimussa Park.

The Zoo Evolution does more than add an extra portion of Zoo Project magic to the famous reimagined zoo. The newly added session will add interactive celebration and bring like-minded spirits on a trip stimulating all the senses.

The evolved party drives the wild ones to explore uncharted dimensions via music, dance and the natural connection between people. From Tuesday 9 May to 17 October, you can experience new levels of musical exploration and a sensual voyage on multiple levels. Powerful performances and workshops will connect free-spirited souls in the gardens of Benimussa Park, a place unlike any other on the island.

Set outside at the beautiful outdoor venue just outside San Antonio, it has the feel of a festival but also contains multiple open air clubs in one venue. Creatively decorated the Living Room and the Treehouse will host a range of surprise industry-leaders and pioneers to deliver a unique spin of deep house, techno, and tribal house.

Meanwhile the Mandala Garden will play music at 432Hz, the frequency that is mathematically consistent with the universe and brings healing properties to humans. Expect to dance ecstatically to a fusion of global sounds taking over this spiritual part of the park.

Along these lines, you can walk along the market stalls for organic produce, healthful food and juices while a healing corner will offer a variety of massages and therapies. You can also take a dip in the pool.

Bringing to life that Alice-in-wonderland spirit of reveling in a fantastical realm, the ZooEvolution is a unique event. Among the most creative and original parties on Ibiza, it has to be experienced at least once.

Venue: Benimussa Park

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