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Pareidolia - Las Dalias - Akasha 2023

At Las Dalias - Akasha. Seeing happy faces dancing.


Conceived in Mexican party central Tulum, Pareidolia is the party from Akasha creative director and Sonica Radio Ibiza Flight Club host Igor Marijuan and Cris 44.

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of seeing anthropomorphic facial features in mundane, everyday inanimate objects: clouds, taps, door handles. Chances are you will also recall instances of a smiling face beaming back at you from the most unlikely of sources.

This curiosity manifests as the concept behind Igor Marijuan and Cris 44's party of the same name, which returns to Las Dalias in 2023.

Pareidolia is a grin-inducing party that gives a self-fulfilling reward to the DJ: a sea of bodies on the dancefloor in front of them, reacting the music and smiling from ear to ear. Smiling is infectious and so too will you find the music.

Join Igor Marijuan, Cris44 and friends welcome you to a dopamine-filled dance. You'll be beaming so much, your cheeks will start to ache.

The next edition takes place on Sunday 5 March and will also feature Angie O, Ernesto Altes, Gaya BrisaKaruna, Mina, Rayco Santos, Sena and Valentín Huedo.

In conjunction with DIPEF (DJs and Producers from Ibiza and Formentera), the party seeks to raise much-needed funds for rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria in the wake of the recent natural disasters. Admission to Las Dalias garden is free. Tickets to Akasha are €15 each with the full amount donated to charity. Further charitable donations welcome.

See below for tickets and line-ups.


Venue: Las Dalias - Akasha

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