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Lust For Laughs - Pikes

At Pikes. Fits of giggles at Pikes' tennis court as the jokes are served up.


Born in the ex-pat, stand up comedy circuit of Barcelona, Lust For Laughs has found its spiritual Ibizan home at the legendary Pikes hotel. 

With a monthly residency, bringing al fresco mirth and mischief to the hotel's pink tennis court, Lust For Laughs has a roster of international comedians guaranteed to get you shrieking with laughter.

Each event will feature a unique line-up of funnymen and women flying in from all corners of the world. Past event have featured known comics from such locations as the USA, the UK, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Hungary and, of course, Spain. It all adds up to a uniquely diverse night of fun, observational musings, hilarious anecdotes, banter and just plain roasting.

Pikes is an adult only hotel and the comedy is definitely for grown ups - so be prepared for some quirky, off-the-wall, irreverent and risqué world views! Audience participation is almost a certainty. May the man who has not sinned, hurl the first heckle...

You can carry on the party after the gig at the famous poolside bar, in Pamelas restaurant, or dance the night away in the amazing Freddies disco. 

See below for tickets and line-ups.

Venue: Pikes