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Ibiza Rocks Opening Party - Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2024

At Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Ibiza Rocks comes racing out of the trap!


Located in the heart of San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks provides daytime elation for sun-worshipping thrill seekers and hotel guests alike.

Known as "the home of the pool party", the open-air venue offers the best blend of chart-friendly dance music on the White Isle. The venue's 2024 curtain-raiser gives us the opportunity to scope out any new changes to the party hotel, as well as hinting at the faces likely to appear later in summer.

If you enjoy raving poolside to the hottest selection of DJs and artists from around the world, then this party for you. You can take it easy on an inflatable or cut some shapes on the dancefloor - the freedom to party as you please is what Ibiza Rocks is all about.

Ibiza Rocks packs the talent for the occasion, recruiting Irish singer-songwriter Jazzy to headline and curate. She invites Toolroom Records' ESSELJen Payne and Kayleigh Glynn to join her in an all-female cast.

Ibiza Rocks Opening Party takes place on Saturday 4 May.

See below for tickets and line-ups.

Check out the sounds of Ibiza Rocks Spotify playlist for all the hottest tunes from the home of the pool party below and head here to subscribe.

Venue: Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Ibiza Rocks Opening Party listings - 2024

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Ibiza Rocks Opening Party

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